“Amazingly beautiful, possibly the most attractive journal I have ever had the pleasure to view. Blessings!” 

–David Winston (Center for Herbalist Studies)

“How gorgeous!!!! You two are a brilliant team, creating not only beauty but depth, and what is beauty without depth...”

-Rosemary Gladstar

“Absolutely fantastic... nothing like it anywhere!”

–Phyllis Hogan (Winter Sun Trading Co. Herbs)

“I’m LOVING it!  The layout is incredible. The time it must take just to do one of those beautiful pages... and there are so many of them!!!  I just want to curl up all day and read and read and read.  You and your family's presence in the herbal world certainly has us incredibly spoiled!”

–Rosalee de la Foret 

“Nothing short of remarkable!”

–Gail Faith Edwards

“As a folk herbalist I find myself seeking to articulate this craft, this art, this inherited tradition to others, in different contexts, and it is not always easy. This writing gives me strength and hope and validates those of us in the margins of hierarchal herbalism, equalizing the community.”

–Sandra Lory (Mandala Botanicals)

“This is the first publication I’ve seen in my over 40-year career that captures the wild diversity of herbalism in North America while still reflecting excellence and high-level practice… points of view from many regions, traditions, and schools of North American thought.. for the practicing herbalist from entry level to advanced, inclusively.”
-Paul Bergner(North American Institute of Medical Herbalism)

“Plant Healer is amazing… the most beautiful magazine I’ve ever seen, bar none! It is right up there with National Geographic in its use of color and natural landscapes and plants. A true feast for the eyes! There is a huge amount of information shared within its pages, and it takes me a good 2 months to read everything within its covers in an intentional fashion.”
-Phyllis Light (Appalachian Center for Herbal Studies)

“I am incredibly impressed by the depth of knowledge and information and the breadth of voices and traditions represented in the beautiful pages! I have explored many different herbal periodicals and have grown up around plants and gardens all my life, but this magazine truly is a cut above the rest. As a root woman I appreciate how the knowledge moves from preparation and applications to possible spiritual uses of the plants discussed, and as a mom I love the way that children are included in the work! Thank you for an all around fantastic resource at an amazingly reasonable price!”

–Miss Bri (Milagro Roots)

“Luscious, rich, gorgeous, filled with incredible people, heart-lifting and mind-expanding theory and practice and utter *deliciousness* of plant love, in all its glorious forms.”

-Julie James (Green Wisdom Herbal Studies)

‘It’s like 4 massive herbal textbooks/storybooks a year for the price of 1! Probably the best read for both the young and old herbalist to keep you sharp and in tune with the heart of the herbal community.”

-Holly Torgeson

“I’m LOVING it! The layout is incredible. The time it must take just to do one of those beautiful pages… and there are so many of them!!!! I just want to curl up all day & read & read & read!”
–Rosalee de la Forêt, (LearningHerbs, Methow Valley Herbs)

“Reasonable price, worth every penny, more good information and beautiful art in one place than I ever expected when I subscribed! A gift to the herbal community! I can't begin to express what Plant Healer Magazine has meant to me, not just the knowledge, but how it has empowered me to believe in what I know. One look and it is clear the work put into getting this into our hands – words can not express the gratitude I feel toward Kiva, Jesse, Loba and the wee one (not so wee anymore) for the work and sacrifice put forth for this community.”   

–Cyndi Hughes

“It is a beautiful digital magazine full of delicious articles written by incredible herbalists and some of the most captivating artwork you've ever seen! I highly recommend Plant Healer Magazine!”

–Robin McGee (Earthwise Learning Center)

“Wow, thank you! Thank you so much for this post about “Mainstream”. Just yesterday I said to my husband I have to make a choice whether I will try to "play the game" to possibly gain some marginal acceptance or whether I will be myself and take what comes. I really knew what I would choose but I felt sad about the choice. I felt there wasn't a way for me to be true to myself and still help others with my herbal knowledge and instincts. What you said about serving "the exceptions" really spoke to me. That's is something I can do and remain true to myself---to just keep embracing those dear exceptions and build our own tiny community outside the mainstream. Again, thank you!”

–Jenny, Willow Rose Cottage

“I want to thank you for this amazing discussion on professionalism and non-professionalism. Your final position on what professionals and adepts need to share to be effective and have impact is truly how I try to live my life. I have recognized that professionalism is more than just a piece of paper. Just because one gains a piece of paper does not make one good at what they do necessarily. It is always been my belief that one needs to continually learn and grow. I am considered a professional in one aspect of my life but I believe that what makes my life a whole is my love of plants and what they have to teach me. I bring this into my professional life so that I always offer to my clients an important and lost perspective so often in my community. (I live and work in the New York City area where there can so much noise and distraction) I would also add that the person who probably taught me the most valuable lessons in my life was someone who by your definition would be considered an adept. I pull from her lessons on a daily basis.”  

–Mary Tallon

“Thank you for this article on professionalism, a great reminder that learning and sharing in your own personal way is OK.  I often find myself wondering if I should have a degree or certification or even go for the "professional" title.  The thought of doing any of these discourages and stresses my mind and I wasn't sure why until I read this.  Now I know it's because that is not what I want to do nor what I need to do. I'll just keep learning, sharing, and helping others when I can. This is the way my heart and mind want todoherbalism right now.  Thanks again for reminding me that there is no one way to be an herbalist.” 

–Julie Webb

“I received the latest volumes of Plant Healer yesterday and wow, just wow!!!! Thank you so much for this amazing publication, and thank you for relieving me of my chores last night I couldn’t close its pages and accomplish anything! I hope you realize how appreciated all of you and your families hard work is to many many folks.”

–Denise DeLosa

“A beautiful magazine. I am proud to be a part of it, and delighted to be in the company of many of my wonderful herbalist teacher-colleagues.”

–Dale Bellisfield

“Plant Healer is worth its weight in gold... which, we know, would be a lot of gold because it is one hefty compilation of awesomeness!”


“What you have built is like one massive collective being calling things out into the open, proving there's other ways, demanding transparency in the process.  I know you've changed lives because you've changed my life, and because everyone I talk to says the same thing... but you've also changed the life of herbalism in this country so, so, so much for the better!”

–Katja Swift

“I've really enjoyed the new issue. I feel like I just discovered an extended family I didn't know existed. Thank you so much!”

–Bay (Honey Pie Hives & Herbals)


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