Good Medicine Confluence teachers are a rare breed indeed –– exceptional individuals each with their own visions, perspectives, experiences and set of skills.  For them, this is the one annual event that most excites them and encourages their explorations and creations.  Their careers are fueled less by prestige or income than by a personal sense of mission and deep caring, by opportunities to share their knowledge and inspire you to delve deeper into healing and healthful lifestyles, finding a home amongst others of our kind.      

Laura Adrian

Laura Adrian is a yoga teacher, meditation instructor, community herbalist, and writer who finds beauty, awe, and inspiration by directly connecting to the Earth whether in a city park or wilderness expedition. She offers retreats and expeditions across the Midwest where she shares her adventurous spirit with seasoned adventurers and nature-curious folks. Through these experiences, she has encouraged thousands of people to develop wilderness skills, challenge themselves, and develop a more beautiful relationship with themselves, fellow human beings, and the natural world. In addition, Laura teaches classes and is in the process of writing her first book — a guidebook to experiencing nature! Learn more at

Abrah Arneson

Abrah Arneson’s essential defining question is this: How can life’s intoxicating beauty co-exist with depth of suffering life can bring? This question has led Abrah to work in hospice supporting the dying, train as doula to hold women while they labour, travel to all continents on this planet and spend a year in retreat in the Yukon wilderness. Abrah’s practice of herbal medicine, she has been practicing Clinical Herbal Medicine for 20 years, has nourished this question and deepened her understanding of transformation from illness to health, from despair to hope and from disconnection to connection. Abrah is the author of The Vessel: Women, Plants and Contraception, The Weaving: Plants, Planets and People, The Herbal Apprentice: Plant Medicine and The Human Being and the Herbal Apprentice Workbook. More about Abrah can be found on her web site or facebook at Abrah Herbalist in the Woods

Phoenix Aurelius

Phoenix Aurelius is an Educator, Formulator, Research Scientist and a Paracelsian Spagyrist who Researches the Past to Find Solutions for the Future. Being exceptionally well read and having engaged in diverse education his entire life, he has been described by many as a Modern Renaissance Man who possesses encyclopedic knowledge of a wide range of topics. His Interdisciplinary approach to education causes him to stand out from his peers. Phoenix is especially passionate about Health and Wellness as well as the disciplines of Spagyria and Spagyric Medicine, Sustainable Astrodynamic Agriculture, Ecology, and Vibrational Medicine. This led to him founding the principles of Alchemi-Culture and Alchem-Ecology which are hyper sustainable, toxin-free methodologies of approaching Organic, Astro-Dynamic Agriculture and Ecological Stewardship. He is also the founder and Executive Research Director of the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy where he professionally devotes his time to Alternative Medical, Agricultural, and Ecological research, development, and experimentation. For more information, visit the Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy’s website at

Jory Barnes

Stephanie Boucher

Stephanie Boucher is a botanical business coach, hemp entrepreneur, and clinically trained herbalist currently living and working from N’Dakinna, the traditional and unceded territory of the Abenaki people, also known as Vermont. Stephanie is passionate about helping other herbalists like you not only make a sustainable livelihood from your gifts, but also use entrepreneurship as tool of personal and collective healing. Stephanie coaches clients 1:1 and in groups, offers online courses and workshops, and also has a free online community for budding herbal and hemp business owners at You can learn more about Stephanie and her offerings at

Carol Batey-Prunty

Carol S. Batey-Prunty is an herbalist, Cannabis teacher, medicine maker for years, and the owner of Carol’s Homestead in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, a botanical sanctuary for at-risk plants. Plant Healer ( has allowed me to teach at their Good Medicine Confluences and to write a quarterly column on Cannabis food and medicine.  I have written many books “Tried and Tested Herbs from the Backyard” (2018), and “Welcome to the herbal Kingdom” (2020). Cannabis Lifestyle for Entertainment (2019) and last a new book Creating a Botanical Sanctuary (2023). I sell my Skin Care products at farmers markets and retail stores, as well as online through Amazon, Etsy, and my website:

Jules Benefico

Jules Benefico (she/her) is a Clinical Western Herbalist with a passion to help others uncover the mysteries of their soul and heal naturally. Jules focuses on allyship, forgiveness, gratitude, shadow work, pleasure, and solidarity as tools to aid her herbal work. She believes that herbalism is an important form of activism and an accessible earth based healthcare system that digs deep to get to the root of ailments and not cover up symptoms. She states "Herbalism is like a mycelial network that brings people in communion with nature and can be a tool to rise up in action consciously and productively." Jules has been studying herbal medicine for 9 years and offers consultations, workshops, medicine, and supports herbal clinics in times of crises like California wildfires. She has a handcrafted herbal skincare & aromatherapy line for self-love, intention setting, and nourishment Called Opal Elements Cosmic Apothecary as well as Boss Witch Botanicals where she shares courses and mentorship programs to support herbalists and healers blossom their businesses & focus on their personal healing journey. Jules studies alchemy, astrology, and herbalism and integrates these magickal practices into her life, consultations, and workshops.

Eleanor Bramwell

Eleanor Bramwell is a change maker!  She founded BodyWise Trauma Institute and Inner Path Psychedelic Therapy + Holistic  Wellness Center to contribute to systemic change. She is invested in human potential and helps people unlock their own medicine- offering transformative groups, and 1:1 sessions as a somatic therapist, ancestral lineage repair and soul guide. A prominent public speaker she has lectured many places including Johns Hopkins Hospital, Harvard, The Department of Health and Human Services. Her specialty is making complicated concepts digestible, and empowering folks. 

Valerie Blankenship

Valerie Blankenship (RH, AHG) has over 30 years experience as an herbal clinician, formulator, medicine maker and educator and is the owner of Sage Consulting & Apothecary. a retail and mail order herbal pharmacy. She runs an herbal clinic, and is the developer and one of 5 instructors for the popular Sage Herbal Foundations program, an intensive, 7-month program for the home herbalist. Valerie is a regular guest teacher at the Bethel School of Nursing and has guest taught at several herb schools including Elderberry’s in Paonia, CO and the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder. Valerie loves sharing her knowledge, and her teaching approach is generous. Her rich experiences from the clinic provide a deeper understanding of the use of both local and planetary herbs. She holds certifications from David Hoffmann’s Therapeutic Herbalism program and Wild Rose College. Her mentors include Nutritionist Vivian Rice, Herbalists David Hoffmann and David Winston, among many. She attends topical herbal intensives yearly through The American Herbalists Guild and Naturopathic Colleges and is a professional member of the AHG. Time away from her clinic often finds her happily winding her way through the red rocks of a local mountain trail, traveling to the Mexico to discover traditional healing methods, chatting with Latinx friends in Spanish, or practicing her flamenco guitar.

Amy Branum

Amy Branum, AHP, RH(AHG)  is a passionate herbalist who has been working with the plants for over 20 years. She began with her focus on botany at the University of North Carolina-Asheville, and has since become an Ayurvedic Practitioner (NAMA), and a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild. Amy currently has a wellness consultation practice in Grass Valley, CA, and also is the director and teacher at her herbal school The Northern California School of Botanical Studies. Please see: 

Courtney Cosgriff

Courtney Cosgriff was born and raised in Colorado and has spent most of her life exploring and living in this beautiful state. She is a certified clinical herbalist, nutritionist, gardener, activist, & sacred beekeeper.  In 2011 she experienced two near death experiences which led her to become a beekeeper. Since than Courtney has dedicated much of her life to honeybee and pollinator conservation from growing her own pollinator garden to actively teaching in many communities around Denver alongside spearheading multiple projects geared towards raising awareness about pollinator decline and ways to support them. In addition to her work with pollinators, Courtney is a community herbalist who is actively working to bring herbal medicine to communities in need. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Integrative Healthcare and is a Certified Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, and Flower Essence Practitioner with over 1,900 hours in clinical training and education in these fields. In 2017, Courtney launched her business Honeybee Herbals as an outlet to combine her work in beekeeping, pollinator conservation, and herbal medicine.  Honeybee Herbals is a business dedicated to providing Earth-centered healing and education in the hopes of restoring our connection to the natural world through rekindling an appreciation of the beauty and medicine it provides. She believes strongly in working to restore the balance between humans and the earth through helping individuals find healing and balance within themselves. 

Kathryn Delaney

Kathryn Delaney’s interest in herbal therapeutics and healing modalities began in 1992 with a focus on essential oils and Aromatherapy, and later developed into the studies of herbalism and nutrition. She has studied the healing art, science and safety of essential oils, medicine making and herbalism, with various teachers through her years of cultivated study. In 2011, she became Certified as a Clinical Aromatherapist through the Institute of Integrative Aromatherapy.  Moved by an influx of information, and an increasing observation of unsafe practices of using essential oils, Kathryn developed “Esenta, The Aromaticum App” in 2015. This was created as a means to provide information on safe uses and dilutions of essential oils. Kathryn continued her studies in the healing arts at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, where she earned her Certifications in Clinical Herbalism and Nutrition in 2019. Kathryn currently teaches at the CSCH on topics including Essential Oil Safety and Toxicology, Essential Oil Distillation and medicine making, and also offers a range of classes to the public, including natural perfuming, subtle aromatherapy and product making. In addition to her focus on teaching, she offers all-natural body care, custom natural perfumes, and holistic health support through her business, Roots of Alchemy, if you would like to contact her, write to

Holly Dunbar

Holly Dunbar is a licensed massage therapist, professional herbalist (AHG) and certified aromatherapist.  With over 28 years of experience in holistic health, Dunbar is a practitioner at and owner of New Moon Bodywork & Botanicals, a holistic health practice in La Plata, MD which has specialized in therapeutic massage, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, and natural skin care since 1996.  She is the creator of the New Moon aromatherapy product line, which retails at the practice and online.  A passionate gardener nearly her whole life, Dunbar grows an abundance of plants for food, medicine and wildlife at her 45-acre farm in Southern MD, along with her husband, her daughters Sage and Ivy, and four cats.

Ahley Elenbaas

Ashley Elenbaas began her journey with plants as a young girl growing up between the suburbs and the forests. Her love of the natural world led her to study Environmental Restoration in the Appalachian mountains of UNC-Asheville where she also began her deep appreciation for yoga and spirituality. Ashley blended these interests and directed a yoga studio while studying herbs. She graduated from the Maryland University of Integrative Health in 2008 with a Masters of Science in Clinical Herbal Medicine. Since this time, Ashley has studied plant energetics intensively with Matthew Wood and Margi Flint and opened a yoga studio and herbal apothecary where she taught classes and led retreats for over 10 years. Ashley loves to blend herbalism and spirituality and believes in the power of laughter while learning. She lives in Minnesota with her two young daughters, two mischievous dogs, and her mostly well-behaved astrologer 

Latosha Falomi-Se

Latosha Falomi-Se, founder of ABQ Apotheosis and Oyasmarket Iya, comes from a five-generation lineage of witches, voodoo, hoodoo, root, and shadow workers. She is a protégé of world-renowned IFA leaders Awo Falokun (author of over 50+ books on IFA) and Iyanifa Sarah Fajalabi Roche. As a High Priestess of IFA, she lives her life by aligning with her higher self and spirit. She is a true believer that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Since becoming a high Priestess, Iya Latosha has been sought after to perform over 1,250 initiations, 875 acts of healing, 43 removals of demonic/evil Spirits in multiple states and abroad. Iya Latosha specializes in metaphysical arts which include healing work with the blessings and help of Orisha Nana Burku, root work, herbal healing, IFA initiations, and a plethora of other services as requested. She is the loving mother of her two sons, Javon and Nokware. She is a proud native of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, but loves her chosen forever home of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Amanda Furbee

Amanda Furbee’sinterest in herbalism began at an early age but it wouldn’t be until 2010, when she moved to the Pacific Northwest, that her relationship with medicinal plants blossomed. The move from the east coast to the west coast would be more than a change of scenery, it brought her closer towards the wonderful world of herbalism. Ambitious to start learning she found a golden opportunity working at Portland’s first all organic herbal supplier, enrolling in Rosemary Gladstars’ herbal certification course under Dr. JJ Pursell, the founder of The Herb Shoppe, and learning from the shops informed herbalists and customer interactions as well. The Herb Shoppe Pharmacy and Learning Center opened its doors on Feb 15th, 2014, with Amanda soon becoming sole proprietor. She continues to broaden her understanding of herbalism while making improvements to just about every aspect of The Herb Shoppe. Do you have specific health or herbal questions for Amanda? She would love to meet you and is available for one-on-one consultations as well. The Herb Shoppe’s finest years have yet to come.

Amy Glasser

Amy Glasser, DOM,is a botanical artist, herbalist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Her affinity to beauty and plants, along with her extensive studies, allows her to express ethnobotanical knowledge and intuition in a way that is a call out to all of those who have a deep passion to coexist with the plant world. She predominantly works in watercolor but is efficient in acrylic/oil paint, textiles, found objects, and murals. Amy designs herart on clothing, and createseducational and visual aidsto learn about medicinal plants. Amy is a practicing herbalist with a deep knowledge of western plants, thanking her teachersJane Bothwell, Rosemary Gladstar, and Christa Sinadinos. She isa graduate of theSouthwest Acupuncture College of Chinese Medicine, and is currently practicing Acupuncture and integratingChinese and Western Herbal Medicine in her mobile clinic in New

Dr. Amber Golshani

Dr. Amber Golshani, ND. has been practicing the healing arts for over 20 years. Even as a teenager, friends came to me for a compassionateand non-judgmental ear. I learned that just listening and holding a safe container for someone to express themselves, was healing.At 22 years old, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), told that I would have difficulty conceiving children, and there was nothing to do but take birth control pills and pharmaceutical drugs for the rest of my life. I rejected this doctors advice and took my health into my own hands. That's when I found Naturopathic Medicine and healed myself. I no longer suffer from the symptoms of PCOS and had two children without any "difficulty". Though every person has a unique path for healing, I am guided by a set of principles that apply to my life, not just health: You are whole. You are designed to heal. Remove the root cause. We are spiritual beings having a human experience-both need to be cared for. We are all connected and our health depends on the health of our family, community, environment and Earth.I have been making Fire Cider for family and friends for over 10 years, creating I my business, Dr. Amber’s Fire Cider using local ingredients with a portion of every sale donated to local food banks.  Making Fire Cider, the creativity, the process, the love and intention I put into it, and hearing how it was helping people, gave me a sense of purpose and direction that helped me feel alive again. – IG @healthydoctor –

Inga Winter Hardin

Inga Winter Hardin grew up in the Gila Wilderness with her family, studying herbalism and botany with her mother, Kiva Rosethorn. Inga is a writer and a student of herbalism, with a deep love of mythology and creation of stories. Inga currently works for Plant Healer, aiding them in their efforts with promotion and outreach. Additionally, she will be teaching at the upcoming Good Medicine Confluence in 2023. One of Inga's many passions is studying the language, culture and plants of Poland, where she lives for a significant portion of each year. Furthermore, she finds herself through expressing her internal world in the form of writing. She writes both poetry and short stories for her blog, Persephone’s Night Garden which can be found at Her column in Plant Healer shares this title as well as the overall theme, in her column she enjoys writing about the folkloric roots of various plants that capture her interest. Her current plant passions are Hawthorn and Violets. Both her blog and column are meant to reflect the growth of what is vibrant even within the confines of the Underworld. A sense of hope and purpose even in the darkest caverns of the world, showcasing the fact that not all growing things flourish above ground. She also seeks to represent the changing of the seasons, both literal and metaphorical, and how this cycle of life and death impacts all of us individually.

Jesse Wolf Hardin

IJesse Wolf Hardin is an impactful author, ecosopher, ecological and societal activist, personal counsel, graphic artist, musician, and historian – a champion of both human and bio diversity, as well as of nature’s medicines. Wolf was a leading organizer of and presenter for Earth First!, becoming a featured presenter at hundreds of conferences and universities, and was the creator of cross cultural ecospiritual collaborations appropriately called “Medicine Shows” that melded his powerful spoken word with live music, indigenous presenters, and focused activism. With his wife Kiva Rose, he founded the international Good Medicine Confluence gathering in 2008, along with the in-depth digital magazine for herbalists, healers and folklorists Plant Healer Quarterly.  He is the author of over 800 published articles in over 200 different publications, as well as of over 25 books, his work earning the praises of luminaries such as Gary Snyder, Joanna Macy, Ralph Metzner, Starhawk, and Rosemary Gladstar. He has been featured in The Encyclopedia of Nature & Religion (Continuum 2005) and many other compilations. His published works include early titles Full Circle , Kindred Spirit and Gaia Eros, along with The Practice of Herbalism and The Plant Healer’s Path covering the core whys and hows of an herbal practice, The Healing Terrain on sense of place, cultivation, and the healing power of nature... as well as an inspiring historical novel  The Medicine Bear, a book of herbs and empowerment for kids I’m a Medicine Woman Too! (Hops Press 2009), and The Traveling Medicine Show: Pitchmen & Plant Healers of Early America. His inspiring book The Enchanted Healer also comes in a version for an audience beyond herbalists titled Wonderments, with both being focused on heightened awareness, the senses, plant spirit and the spiritual heart of healing.  His most recent creation is the Hedge Guild Oracle deck and book, iconic art and text bringing clarity to our self exploration and daily options and choices.  The Oracle and a number of his books are sold through, with the remainder found on Amazon.  Wolf’s work is also featured in the lauded Plant Healer Quarterly as well as the free Herbaria Monthly which you can subscribe to on the Plant Healer website.  As Terry Tempest Williams opined, “Wolf’s voice inspires our passion to take us further —seeing the world whole — even holy.”

Kiva Rosethorn Hardin

Kiva Rose Hardin is an herbalist, mythologist, author, and poet whose work is rooted in her relationship with plants, fungi, and the more than human world. She lectures and writes on the subjects of mythopoetic plant medicine, folk magic, folklore, animism, and psychology with an emphasis on fairy tale motifs, embodied enchantment, and the forest as archetype.  She lives off grid in a remote riparian canyon deep in the Gila Forest of southwest New Mexico with her beloved husband, Jesse Wolf Hardin, and their son, Ælfyn. Kiva’s first book, The Weedwife’s Remedy: Folk Herbalism For The Hedgewise was published in December of 2019, her next book, Thorn & Thicket: Woodland Herbalism For The Hedgewise is forthcoming from Plant Healer Press in 2023, and more of her writing can be found at The Enchanter’s Green  She also co-directs the annual Plant Healer’s Herbal Confluence each Summer and is co-editor of Plant Healer Quarterly with Wolf which you can find at

Tammi Hartung

Tammi Hartung brings more than 44 years of working with plants. She is trained as a Medical Herbalist, but works for many years now as an Ethnobotanical Herbalist. Tammi is a certified organic farmer, an author and international speaker, and an embroiderer of colored threads. She and her husband, Chris, own Desert Canyon Farm, a certified organic farm since 1996 in the high mountain desert of southern Colorado. They grow more than 3,500 different varieties of plants, including all types of herbs, heritage food plants, native and wildlife habitat plants. Their farm is a United Plant Savers Botanical Plant Sanctuary, a National Wildlife Federation Certified Habitat, a Xerces Society Pollinator Habitat, and is part of the Colorado Birding Trail with the Colorado Division of Wildlife. It is home to Tammi and Chris, Shrek the farm dog, three spoiled house cats, two granny ducks and a host of wildlife. Tammi is a passionate writer and the Author of five books, including Growing 101 Herbs That Heal, Homegrown Herbs, The Wildlife-Friendly Vegetable Gardener, Cattail Moonshine & Milkweed Medicine, and her newest book The Green Kingdom, which is released in German in April 2023. Tammi speaks Internationally and hosts events and tours, especially for school children, at their farm. You can read her blog on her website Desert Canyon Farm Green Thoughts at or keep up with her on Facebook  In her free time, Tammi loves to hike, and is a passionate Embroiderer of Colored Threads. She loves to read, cook and of course caretake for her gardens.

Anna Marija Helt

Anna Marija Helt is an herbalist in Durango, CO. Before falling in love with herbalism (and mushroomism), she earned her doctorate at the University of Washington School of Medicine and focused on cancer and infectious diseases.  Burnout hit, she dropped out of research and ran a motorcycle cafe while studying Western Herbalism, aromatherapy and a small dose of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She eventually sold the cafe and moved to Durango to be a full time plant geek. Marija has a small clinical practice and teaches locally, as well as every year at the Good Medicine Confluence.  She prefers weeds, mushrooms and only the most abundant native plants as her allies. Her goals are to introduce herbs to folks who aren’t already on the bandwagon and to empower clients with herbal traditions augmented by a critical evaluation of herbal research science. 

Jacquie Hill

Jacquie Hill is a family oriented, community enthusiast and plant person doing planty things on the Western Slope of Colorado. After practicing her blend of story-rich, folk herbal medicine for 10+ years, she took her studies to academia, earning a bachelor’s degree in botanical sciences from Bastyr University in 2019. While there she made the most of the opportunities and gleaned from teachers, mentors, and nature taking, every field class offered and immersing herself in the wonders of western Washington. With a love of the scientific as well as the nonlinear, Jacquie completed mentorships under Dr. Eric Yarnell, ND and with Shamanic herbalist Julie Charette Nunn, keeping her studies in balance.  Jacquie has presented at the Bastyr Herb and Food Fair, Pacific Nordic Museum, NaNu SamiFest, and Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference.  She worked as lab tech and environmental monitoring developer at Heron Botanicals before 2020 brought her back home to Colorado. Jacquie has a GMP certificate from Herbal Medics which comes in quite handy as the owner and maker at her small batch herbal product company, Of the Hill Botanicals. She also consults with and manages Paonia Apothecary, helping to create a central hub for those in her community to offer knowledge, products, and quality herbs.  In her free time, Jacquie spends her time exposing her children to the magick of the natural world with her husband Allon, contemplating the role of plants as myth keepers, and performing with her puppet troupe, Singing Bone Medicine Show. IG: @jacquieofthehill

Dana Hutchinson

Dana Hutchinson is an energy-based clinical herbalist, Chinese medicine practitioner and flower essence therapist fascinated with the healing power of herbal medicine. Dana is a registered herbalist (RH) with the American Herbalist Guild. Over a decade ago, she was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosus, a rare autoimmune condition, shortly after her mother started battling terminal brain cancer. These consecutive events served as the catalyst for her inspiration to study and research links between emotional trauma and the development of physical disease. With over 8 years of combined herbal education and an immense desire to improve the vitality of others, Dana opened the Wildflower Clinic in Denver, Colorado in 2016. The Wildflower Clinic is a traditional Chinese medicine and western clinical herbalism clinic offering health consultations, customized herbal protocols, and flower essence emotional therapy. Her specialties include autoimmune conditions, fertility, emotional trauma. She has extensive experience in TCM diagnostic assessment where she interprets the pulse, tongue, skin, and nails of her clients in order to uncover their root causes of imbalance. She has studied at the Institute of Chinese Herbology, the East West School of Planetary Herbology, the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism, the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism Heart of Herbs Herbalism School, the Anne Wigmore Natural Health Institute, ECornell, the Body Mind Energy Center, and the University of Sydney for her undergraduate and Masters (B.A. & M.A.). Dana has been a speaker at the American Herbalist Guild Herbal Symposium, the Good Medicine Confluence, and the International Herbal Symposium amongst many others. She is dedicated to the ongoing research of herbal medicine and advocates for the availability of natural health care alternatives for all individuals.

Jamee Jory

Logan Keister

Logan Keister (he/him) is a clinical herbalist, wildcrafter, medicinal herb farmer, amateur mycologist, and permaculture designer, born and raised in the coniferous forests of Noti, Oregon. He has worked with many clients with a diverse range of health concerns over the years and helped them address their concerns using the Vitalist approach to herbalism. Vitalist practitioners employ clinical strategies that support the life force through encouraging nourishment, digestion, rest, finding purpose in life, connection with nature, and avoiding obstacles that distort life's processes. He currently resides in Williams, Oregon where he works at Strictly Medicinal Seeds and runs his own small business Noti Botanica where he sells herbal remedies, offers holistic health consultations, and shares his teachings on herbalism. Logan received his training in clinical herbalism and botany at The Columbine School of Botanical Studies, The Matthew Wood Institute of Herbalism, The School of Evolutionary Herbalism, and has a B.S. in Horticulture and a Permaculture Design Certificate from Oregon State University.

Warren Kistenbroker

Warren Kistenbroker has been pioneering methods of herbal extraction, fermentation, preparation and applications in increasing bioavailability of herbal medicine for over 6 years after starting his company Evolved Alchemy in 2015. His primary focus is education in regards to extraction methods, extraction equipment and product design/development. With a background in alchemy, organic chemistry, biotechnology and electrical engineering, he aims to bridge the gap between spiritual philosophy and science. Warren brings wizard-like methods to all things herbal. See, and Instagram: @evolved_alchemy

Muva Mystick

Muva Mystick straight outta Port Royal, Kingston Jamaica with Afro-Latina upbringing. This is where her Magick was created but not understood. Her creativity and imagination allowed her to blend Potions & Brews in a world where Witchery was still a hidden craft. Herbs, Numbers, Elements, Folklore and Spirituality became her way of life, believing and becoming. Through her many travels she gained multiple guides and coaches that assisted her in developing her craft but it wasn’t until she landed in New Orleans that the true Magick was formed. Mysticks’ roots were now planted and her seeds were ready to grow. After a decade she launched her Apothecary & Events in Lithonia, Georgia, which has three components that makes it whole... Intimate Herbal & Elemental Sex knowledge & STD awareness. I sell sex, which aligns Mysticks to trust their divine higher being, promoting healthier relationships with self and others while doing it sexily. Mental Health Mindfulness is where she also dives in through Spiritual & Accountability coaching, sharing her healing through deep breath, yoga, dance and sound bathing. Author of Mystickal Nyammins authentic Jamaican cookbook. MystickallyMe Apothecary provides you with all the edible and topical products needed to build, maintain and enhance not only your health but sexual needs and desires. The Magick placed in each product is custom fit just for you. This is Muva Mysticks Heart & Craft. Don’t resist happiness.

Tiffany Little

Tiffany Little is the owner of Green Faerie Apothecary, a small organic apothecary that focuses on small batch, hand made, certified organic products. GFA focuses on skin care and pain relief.   Tiffany travels the country teaching people about Absinthe and selling GFA products and herbal teas and doing nutrition counseling.  Tiffany studied at Mary Baldwin College in Staunton, VA and at The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia. During the year she can be found in person at  The Sherwood Forest Faire in Texas, The Oklahoma Renaissance Faire, the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Faire, the Texas Renaissance Faire, and The Texas Viking Festival.  Tiffany can always be found at 

Manda Pendelton

Manda Pendleton is a certified Clinical Herbalist, flower essence practitioner and Nutritionist with over 20 years of clinical practice. She received her BA in Anthropology from CU Boulder with a focus of Ethnobotany. She was sent to Northern Ghana by US AID to work with educating and teaching herbal enterprise to the traditional healers and their children, The future healers. She has continued her work in ‘healing through the diaspora’ throughout  the Caribbean where she began bee keeping and working with traditional healers 15 years ago.  Manda has over 20 years experience as an esteemed and passionate medicine maker, educator and consultant.  InJoy Integration LLC , a business member of herbalists without borders ,is in its 9th year making next level herbal and fungi fermented food az medicine. Manda is also a 500 hr Yoga teacher, multifaceted artist and musician. -

Julianne Peterson

Julianne Peterson is owner and founder of Singing Springs Botanicals, an herb products company that artfully integrates Ayurvedic and Western Herbal traditions. In addition to plant medicines, she offers Ayurvedic/Herbal Health Consultations, Ayurvedic Cleanses, Herb Walks, Wild Medicine Retreats and a variety of classes. “We need exceptional options for self-care, products made with considerate attention and reverence for the plant kin and their ecosystems, as well as for the human people who ingest them. To offer such products is my intention” Julie studied permaculture, sustainable living and philosophy in college. A few years later, a desire to be an herb farmer lead her to study herbal medicine. Further down the road, a health challenge that was obstinate to being treated by herbs alone lead her to study Ayurveda. “I’m a perennial student and I give profound thanks for the teachers and lineages that have inspired me. I’ve had the good fortune to study with: Paul Bergner, Matthew Becker and many other herbalists at the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies; Dr. Vasant Lad and Claudia Welch at The Ayurvedic Institute, Dr. Robert Svaboda, Acharya Shunya, Vaidya Bharat and Dr. Zach Bush among others.” Living in the Uncompagre valley, at the feet of the San Juan Mountains, Julie is perfectly situated to follow her heart and dharma. Surrounded by wild places to explore and wildcraft, her amateur naturalist propensities are slaked. “I’m in love with snow and skiing it, rocks and climbing them, plants and connecting with them. I love making plant medicine, and turning nature, sense of place, and behaviors into medicine.” On a small piece of land, with foxes, turkeys and Ponderosa neighbors, Julie tends organic gardens, aspires to more Permaculture, studies Advaita Vedanta and Yoga, and sets aside time for ceremony and other reclaiming frameworks for improved, ethical relationships with extended kin.

Lauren Peterson

Lauren Peterson, herbalist and founder ofWhiteDeerApothecary, trained at the Sacred Journey School of Herbalism under Ginger Webb in Austin, TX. Lauren’s passion for plants grew from her desire to deepen her connection with the natural world and nurture relationships that allow healing to take place. Lauren now works as an admin and teaches medicine making at Sacred Journey School of Herbalism and throughout Central Texas. Her favorite places to be are outdoors, in the kitchen, and on the dance floor. Instagram: @whitedeerapothecary

Dr. Kenneth Proefrock

Dr. Kenneth Proefrock graduated from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1996. He and his family live deep in the desert of Arizona with numerous reptiles, amphibians, ducks, chickens, horses and goats. Prior to naturopathic medical school, he received degrees in Chemistry and Zoology from Northern Arizona University and worked as a Research and Development/Quality Assurance Chemist for Procter & Gamble. For the past 20 years, he has conducted a very busy Naturopathic medical practice in Surprise, Arizona. He is also sole owner and formulator for Vital Force Naturopathic Compounding, which provides consulting services and a wide variety of unique and effective compounds for other Naturopathic Physicians and their patients. He speaks at conferences across the country sharing his perspective on the modern practice of Naturopathic Medicine. Kenneth is also the Vice-President for the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners, the chairperson for the biochemistry portion of the Naturopathic Physician's Licensing Exam, and co-founder and current President of the Naturopathic Oncology Research Institute (NORI). In his spare time, when such a thing really exists, he can be found in the desert with his kids, honing his skills in primitive archery, gardening, home-brewing, wildcrafting, reading and writing poetry and studying obscure and old texts on spiritual matters, healing, and philosophy. For more information please see the Vital Force Naturopathic Compounding & Total Wellness Medical Center website.

Ash Ritter

Ash Ritter is a west coast born, desert-dwelling ethnobotanist, educator, confectioner, mutli-disciplinary animist, poet in disguise as an herbalist for over 20 years now.  She continues to reverently devote her life to fungal & botanical studies, encompassing traditional, academic, clinical, and directly relational terrains. One-on-one longterm apprenticeships are the cornerstone of her training, with a focus on druid herbalism, clinical botanical medicine, Cali-Mexican curanderismo & "guerrilla" urban first aid. Once upon a time, her college thesis focused on the history of plant & fungi fueled rights of passage, and altered states as evolutionary technology. Over the years, Ash’s research has honed in on entheogenic traditions of her ancestry, mainly the folklore, physical and energetic medicines of Amanita muscaria and the flying ointments of Europe and beyond. Ash counsels and creates in her private practice, Black Sage Botanicals, to empower cooperative sovereignty, engaging a direct relationship with & as the living world. She joyfully offers public & private classes, custom elixirs & herbal confections from her unique apothecary cache, and in-depth consultation

Dara Saville

Dara Saville is an herbalist, author, mother, and native plant advocate in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is the founder and primary instructor of Albuquerque Herbalism and the Executive Director of the Yerba Mansa Project, a nonprofit conservation organization. Dara is the author of The Ecology of Herbal Medicine: A Guide to Plants and Living Landscapes of the American Southwest (University of New Mexico Press) and a contributing writer for the Plant Healer Quarterly ( She has an MS in Geography and Environmental Studies from the University of New Mexico and is also a graduate of Tieraona Low Dog's Foundations of Herbal Medicine program. Her work involves providing a bioregional herbal studies program, organizing the community to undertake native medicinal plant restoration on public lands, and writing articles and essays on medicinal plants and landscapes of the American West., , and

Heather Shelton

Heather Shelton RN, BSN is a nurse herbalist who has worked withbotanical medicine for over two decades. She provides consultations that include herbal medicine, cannabinoid therapy, nutritional guidance, and healthy lifestyle changes. Heather blends her botanical medicine experience with her traditional nursing experience to offer a unique (w)holistic approach to care.  She is committed to working with mind, body and spirit and is excited to support others on their healing journeys.  Heather is currently creating curriculum for psylocibin facilitators in Oregon and witnessing incredible healing for folks using sacred fungi.  She is a member of United Plant Savers, the International Association of Psychedelic Nurses, the Cannabis Nurses Network and the American Cannabis Nurse Association, where she serves on multiple committees.  Heather has a deep commitment to the Earth and serves as a board member of two non-profits, the Northwest Land Conservation Trust and Fox Hollow Forestland where she stewards land and leads workshops on herbal medicine, self-sufficiency and Earth based traditions. Heather can be found on IG at @herbsongfarm, check out her site at, and she can be reached at

Dr. Jillian Stansbury

Dr. Jillian Stansbury is a naturopathic physician who has practiced in SW Washington for over 30 years specializing in women’s health, mental health, and chronic disease.  She holds undergraduate degrees in Medical Illustration and Medical Assisting and graduated with honors in both programs.  Dr Stansbury is the former Chair of the Botanical Medicine Program at the National University of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR and remains on the faculty teaching natural products chemistry, botanical influences on cell biology, ethnobotany field course, and other miscellaneous topics in herbal medicine.  She is the medical director of Battle Ground Healing Arts and operates the affiliated Healing Arts Apothecary in Battle Ground, located in SW Washington state of the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  She also writes for numerous professional journals and lay publications such as Plant Healer Quarterly, and teaches around the country at a variety of medical and herbal conferences including the Good Medicine Confluence.  She frequently travels to Cusco – “the navel of the world” - and the Peruvian Amazon, studying South American plants and working with various tribes in the jungles of Manu and Iquitos.  Dr Stansbury is the author of Herbs for Health and Healing, PCOS: the Health and Nutrition Guide, and most recently the 5 volume series Herbal Formularies for Health Professionals. She is the mother of 2 adult children, enjoys hiking, cooking, music and plays the guitar, banjo, churango and sings, she loves drawing, painting, sewing and crafts, and maintains large gardens.

Atava Garcia Swiecicki

Atava Garcia Swiecicki is guided by her dreams and her Mexican, Polish, Hungarian and Diné ancestors. She studied Feminist Studies at Stanford University and received her master’s degree in the Indigenous Mind Program at Naropa University Oakland.  Atava has studied healing arts extensively for over thirty years and has been mentored by herbalists, curanderas and traditional knowledge keepers.  She works as a clinical herbalist and teacher and is dedicated to remembering the healing traditions of her ancestors and supporting others to reconnect with their ancestral medicine. She also loves helping people build relationships with plants, whom she considers some of our greatest teachers and healers. She is the founder of the Ancestral Apothecary School of Herbal, Folk and Indigenous Medicine on Ohlone territory in Oakland, CA. She’s currently living in Tewa Pueblo territory in Albuquerque, New Mexico where she finished her first book called The Curanderx Toolkit: Reclaiming Ancestral Herbal Medicine & Rituals For Healing. See: and on IG

Erin Vanhee

Erin Vanhee is the Founder of Trillium Medicine, a long running herb school with an integrative medicine clinic in Skagit County, Washington. Erin grew up in the remote Cascade Mountains building a strong relationship with plants from an early age. She has been a student and teacher of herbal medicine since 1993 and has worn many hats in the herbal industry as organic grower, medicine maker, bio-regional wildcrafter and author of curriculum for Trillium’s educational programs.  She is the primary instructor for the Integrated Plant Medicine Immersion and teaches continuing education courses for herbalists and licensed massage therapists. She lives on an off grid ridge surrounded by plants where she gardens, makes medicine and talks to the resident owls. Her website is

Helena Wu

Helena Wu loves rekindling the relationship people have with plants. She has woven the threads of connection into her work as homebirth midwife, doula trainer (for Birth Arts International), herbalist, Reiki and flower essence practitioner and organic gardener. She is one of the Four Farmers Herbalist Collective Community Supported Apothecary. One of her goals is to make herbal medicine accessible and understandable for as many people as possible. And check out the Four Farmers Herbalist's Community Supported Apothecary with its shipped shares and payment plans:

Pallas Vesta

Pallas Vesta (aka Ascending Falcon Heart or Loving Heart) is a Peruvian-Mongolian-Tibetan Shaman who has lived in between worlds her entire life. She has studied with Good Buffalo Eagle, Don Patricio Dominguez, Cristala Mussato-Allen, Oyate' Sunkawan Waste', Tsui Shu-Ho, Lui I-Chen, Lin Ping Yu, Dave Wyatt, Mike Three Bears, and Dara Saville. Her training in Shamanic and Ceremonial work is extensive and diverse. She hosts a variety of ceremonies in Albuquerque NM and offers private sessions. She is a Channupa Pipe Carrier, Temazcal Sweat Ceremony water pourer, Reiki Grandmaster, Yoga instructor, Herbalist, Cannabis Infusions Specialist, Clan Mother to the Healed Hearts Clan of One People Tribal Nation, runs 3 Non-profits (Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge, Church of the Spiritual Path, and Healing Hearts Sanctuary), and has been chosen to carry on the legacy of Don Patricio Dominguez a Piro Manso Tiwa elder of the International Elders Council, and Father of the Gathering of Eagle and Condor and One People Tribal Nation as well as Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge, and Church of the Spiritual Path, Oyate’ Sunkawan Waste’ the Tiospaye leader of the Jaguar Breath Indigenous Temple in Death Valley, and Dave Wyatt a well-respected Shawnee Road Man with direct lineage to Quanah Parker. Along with her associate Don Patricio Dominguez they have extended the community across NM and many other states. For more information please visit us at / /

Samantha Zipporah

Samantha Zipporah is a midwife, author & educator in service to healing & liberation. Sam’s path rises from an ancient lineage of midwives, witches, & wise women with expertise spanning the continuum of birth, sex, & death. She is devoted to breaking the spells of oppression in reproductive & sexual health by connecting people with the in-nate pleasure, power, & wisdom of the body. Her praxis weaves scientific & soulful in-quiry that integrate modern medicine & data with ancestral practices & epistemologies. Sam's most recent publications & offerings center the radical reclamation of contraception & abortion. Her online membership, The Fruit of Knowledge Learning Community, features access to her heart & mind via books, courses, Q&As, curated resources & more. Visit to explore womb wisdom offerings & join Fruit ofKnowledge. Sam’s music & memoirs can be found on Patreon as The Venus Christ.