It can be long drive from wherever you are to the forested mountains of Southwest Colorado, the enchanted site for the Good Medicine Confluence.  

While the gathering and all the adventures getting there are well worth it and even potentially life changing, the current high cost of gas and flights makes sharing rides an especially helpful option.  By registering to use the Good Medicine RideShare Forum on the Discord platform, you can post your request for folks in your part of the country that might have space for you, or post for riders to join you and help pay expenses in your own vehicle.  

You can also use this Forum to find other Confluence attendees that you might want to split the costs of lodging with.  There are great VRBO rental homes in Durango area, that become much more affordable when shared.  The super inexpensive apartment suites at Ft. Lewis College feature from 2 to 4 beds, so you can bring the cost down even further with a housemate. 

Click on the image above to register for the RideShare Forum