Our sponsors are some of the most caring, supportive, and thus most recommended of herbal related businesses.... and it would be hard to host this event without their help.

Please take time to thank them for their commitment to this movement & event, and look into their herbal products, books and schools –– clicking on any of the logos below to visit their helpful websites.

Highest Level:


Mountain Rose Herbs was the very first sponsor of Plant Healer events, and for a dozen years now has been one of the most enthusiastic supporters of these educational gatherings and its unique community/family.  Since 1987 they’ve been known for their uncompromising commitment to organic agriculture and steadfast focus on the freshness and aesthetics of botanical products.  Mountain Rose has always taken a strong stand when it comes to the protection of the natural world and sustainability of plant medicines.  They encourage ecological practices through active support of nonprofit organizations and projects including the cultivation of threatened species, while proffering herbs that are ethically obtained and of high potency –– we cannot recommend them enough!




We love the folks at Frontier Natural Products, a member owned co-op dedicated to supporting and advocating organic products and agriculture, social responsibility and environmental stewardship, and the founders of the National Center for The Preservation of Medicinal Herbs.  This makes them an ideal ally of the Good Medicine Confluence and related Plant Healer events, as well their being one of the leading suppliers of high quality all-natural herbs, spices and teas.  Please click here to view their inventory:




Herb Pharm produces some of the most powerful herbal tinctures and other healing products, and they have been our go-to for a number of formulas for well over a decade now.  The company has grown herbs on their certified organic farms since 1979, providing a wide range of extracts for both folks’ families and clients, and in the process inspiring greater trust in plants as well as respect for the natural world.  See:


Strictly Medicinals is one of the most trusted, ethical, and love-driven sources for herb seeds there is.  Founded in rural Williams, Oregon as “Horizon Herbs” in 1985, guiding light Richo and Mayche Cezh (pronounced “check”) continue to grow an expanding number of powerful medicinal species.  Available to order are not only seeds but live plants and roots carefully packaged for you, the beneficiaries of Richo’s ever deepening intimacy with their nutritional and solar requirements, natural cycles, healing components and actions, spirits and effects.


The Phoenix Aurelius Research Academy is a cutting-edge, grass-roots research organization founded by Phoenix Aurelius to professionally research Spagyria and Paracelsian Medicine, Intrinsic Data Field and Quantum Scalar Technologies, Alternative and Vibrational Medicine, Sustainable Agriculture, and Ecological Restoration. In our laboratories, theymake and sell all of their own Supplements, Spagyric Products, Astronomological Calendars, and other products as well as providing top-tier education as a way of raising money to cover the costs of research, never taking a dime from grants, investors, or outside sources of income. All of their products are made with sustainably and ethically sourced wild-harvested, biodynamic, ecodynamic, astrodynamic, and certified organic herbs and starting materials with very strict production standards.  


Lana of Noble Root Herbs is on a Mission to assist those on their Wellness Adventure!  She offers an Apothecary of items such as Baked Goods (Famed Maca Truffels!), Herbal Teas, Oils Blends, Energy Work Sessions and More! Everything is made with love and intention to asset folks with their Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual wellbeing.




Little Herbal Apothecary is a community herb shop in Lafayette, Colorado offering a wide variety of organic bulk herbs, essential oils, aromatherapy, tinctures, herbal teas, smudges, crystals and gifts. We offer our very own line of botanically-inspired skincare products as well as pregnancy, birth and baby care items. Our products are handcrafted in small batches right here in Lafayette using only the finest quality, organic ingredients.