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The 11th Annual Good Medicine Confluence - 2021 Online Spectacular

Herbal Education • Health Assessments & Treatments• Making Your Own Herbal Remedies • Plant Identification • Phytochemistry • Medicinal & Recreational Cannabis • Brewing & Mead Making • Medicinal Mushrooms • Peyote • Botanical Perfumery • Plant Magic & Mythos • Gourmand Cooking • Addressing Covid & Viral Infections

Registration Includes 3 Days & Evenings of Online Classes, Virtual Plant Walks, Demonstrations

& Interactive Virtual Parties

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Towards Next Year’s In-Person Confluence in Durango, Colorado


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A time came when a great plague swept across the land, casting a pall over the lives of women, men, seekers and otherlings. Even those who did not catch the virus, suffered more because of reduced access to the medical establishment, and called out for alternative care. While no plant could by itself banish the disease, it was known that a cadre of beloved herbs could help manage the painful symptoms, and it was root, leaf and flower that would provide helpful treatment for the people’s normal myriad ailments and wounds. It was Plant Healers who rose to the challenge, self empowered and self assigned practitioners hailing from suburban neighborhoods, the urban depths and remote countrysides.

Greatly they missed safe opportunities to gather in large groups, and greatly they proved excited to have the opportunity to meet and interact virtually instead, to take classes providing the essential knowledge and skills for their tending of their selves, families, clans and communities – a Confluence of good intentions and good medicine, practica and mythos – energizing and actualizing the good work.


2021 Class Topics


• Medicine Making, Extraction Methods, Tinctures, Decoctions, Vinegars, Oxymels, Topical Balms

• The Art of Herbalism & Creating Artisanal Herbal Products

• Covid-19, Papiloma Virus, & Viral Infection

• Herbal Support in Difficult Times, Herbal Treatments For Despair

• Launching Pop-Up Clinics For Stressed Communities

• Herbal First-Aid

` • How to Talk to Clients About The Herbs They Need

• Mead Making, Botanicals & Beer Brewing, Herbal Cocktails

• Cannabis Medicine, Tinctures, Topicals & Foods

• Cannabis Endophytes

• Cannabinoids, Terpines & Flavanoids

• Peyote, Otzi, & Agave

• Mushroom Medicine, Edibles & Folklore

• Aphrodisiacs & Tantric Practice

• Electuaries: Sweet Honey Medicine

• Herbal Candy, Jellies, Shrubs, & Other Delights

• Creating Herbal Chocolates

• Fine Cooking, Methods & Nutrition

• The Chemistry of Flavors & Fragrances

• Extracting Aromatics, & Notes and Accords in Natural Perfumery

• Phytochemistry & Plant Constituents

• Tonics For Well Being & Healthy Aging

• LGBTQ Health, & Herbal Transition For Transgender Women

• Ancient Guyanese Herbal Remedies

• Ayurvedic Energetics & Applications

• How-To Make Natural Hair, Bath & Body Products

• Ceremonies For New Mothers, & Herbs For Children

• Understanding Plants Through Physical Senses & Intuition

• Medicinal Trees & Shrubs

• Mythology, Faery Tales, Plant Folklore, & Learning Folk Dance

• Tribal Belly Dance, Yoga, & Qi Gong Instruction Sessions


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2021 Confluence Class Descriptions


•The 11th Annual Good Medicine Confluence will be a spectacular 3 day long online event, featuring a mix of prerecorded, live and interactive classes - including in-depth presentations, group panels, virtual plant walks, how to demonstrations, and virtual parties!

•Registration for the online Confluence is for your entire family, and everyone in the household is welcome to participate for a single price.

•Confluence sessions will run from 7AM on Friday through late Sunday evening, with breaks for Lunches and Suppers. Time slots will mostly be either 1.5 hrs. or 2 hrs. long. Attend as many as you can fit in throughout the 3 days of offerings.

•There will be between 4 and 8 classes going simultaneously in each slot, so we recommend you make a list ahead of time of the class topics you most want to attend.

•If possible the teachers will be dedicating the final 15 minutes of their presentations to answering your class related questions.



Coming together is in the very name of this oddkin event, a confluence of folk herbalists and clinicians, nature lovers and society changers, home health providers and wisdom keepers. Just because we will be online this one year, doesn’t mean we can’t join together for virtual parties each night, connecting with old friends and making new alliances, sharing laughs and stories. Kiva is determined to figure out how to include a shared music list, and to make direct live interaction possible.

After a long day and evening of classes, demonstrations and sessions, you will want to put on your festival clothes, sign in to the Confluence Virtual Parties, and pop the top on you favorite mead or mocktail!

Bottoms up!


By next year we all will be extra anxious to gather in person again, so make your plans ahead of time to rendezvous with us in mid-June of 2022 for the post-pandemic

Return of The Tribe edition of the Good Medicine Confluence

in wild and beautiful Durango, Colorado


To Join us online this year, July 16th-18th

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2021 Good Medicine Confluence Registration

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