Once Upon a Time a connivance of plagues of the body, mind and spirit was seen to spread across the once verdant land, and time it was for its most inspired and caring peoples to arise and gather, time indeed to hone their growing skills and together make a special magic! 

Imagine if you will, a green wooded mesa high above the small artsy town and its river winding below.   Wild herbs and mushrooms abound on the shimmering mountainsides, nearby to the canvas gazebos where diverse healers, plant lovers and culture-shifters from all over the country and world come to learn, share, connect and celebrate.  Here you will revel not just in an educational experience but an empowering adventure like none other, the very furthering of your blossoming abilities and personal chosen path, a tale of adventure that we’re to both share and retell. 

It is for you to open the cover and turn the pages …for this is your unfolding story.

Welcome you are – to the 12th Annual Good Medicine Confluence July 29th-31st, 2022 – held again in the spectacular mountains above Durango, Colorado.  

…and with Thursday July 28th as a free Bonus Day.  

Enjoy over 150 fresh, specialized, personalized, and often unique topics for both advanced practitioners and newcomers to herbalism – covering evolving approaches to:

Medicinal Plants & Their Actions • Home Medicine Making & Customized Formulas • Assessment & Treatments • Leading Science & Folk Wisdom • Cannabis • Medicinal & Entheogenic Mushrooms • Mead Making • Clinical Skills & Revered Traditions • Herb Identification & Cultivation • Aromatherapy & Botanical Perfumery • Making Artisanal Products & Launching an Herbal Enterprise • Healthful Foods & Creative Cooking • Women’s Health • Free Clinics & Disaster Medicine • Cultivation & Botanical Art • Plant Mythos & Fairytales • Emotional Healing & Creating Healthier Community • & Much, Much More!

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Folks have been speaking of it for over a year already as a “Return of The Tribe,” acknowledging the need to convene physically again with kindred plant healers, visionaries and practitioners.  It is a vastly diverse and widely dispersed clan of clinicians, activists, artisans and home medicine makers, including those working outside the limits of officialdom, cliques and norms, and who hold close to those fellow edge dwellers and visionaries they sense are  their “people.”  It is for every impassioned natural healer of bodies, psyches and planet that we dedicate our events, and it is for you that we will be doing everything possible to produce yet another safe, enchanting, info and inspiration filled Confluence.

If unforeseen Covid regulations happen to make indoor classes impossible, we will hold all of the over 150 classes outdoors under gazebos. 

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Join with plant-hearted kin in an enchanted sprouting of new ideas and ventures, connections and friendships.  Grow your knowledge of medicinal plants, and clarify your personal role in this field of helping and healing.  Branch out into new areas of interest and need.  Blossom into wild wholeness and full fruition.  Spread seeds of purpose and joy for those who will follow.  And take root in this confluence of Plant Healers and culture shifters, the lasting home ground for your becoming, your manifesting, your fulfillment.

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Help us make the magic that brings us together again – for crucially empowering education and much needed celebration!