It is for you to step through the door to Nature’s healing Otherworld

…for herein winds your unique personal path… and therein,

your own unfolding story.

Imagine if you will, an ancient land alive with spirits and the many blessings of the still wild natural world.   Richly colorful wildflowers, medicinal herbs and shrooms abound on the shimmering mountainsides, where diverse healers, plant lovers and alchemists, visionaries and culture-shifters from all over the world gather to learn, share, connect and celebrate.  

For this, our 13th annual gathering, we are hosting for the first time at the intensely beautiful Puma Hills Nature Retreat Center near Lake George in Southern Colorado, surrounded by lush forest and colorful wildflowers.  

For more than 4 wondrous days and nights you will not only revel in the over 100 educational classes and workshops, you’ll experience an empowering and transformative journey like none other –– the furthering of your blossoming abilities and chosen practices, a heartful healing quest, and thus a truly powerful tale to tell.

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“Herbalists, alchemists, craftspeople and artists of all kinds, wildly talented, deeply intelligent and, on occasion, just plain odd, the presenters and the participants at the Good Medicine Confluence represent a frontier of human understanding and experience. You won’t find a more inspiring gathering of healers and craftspeople than this one, no where else can you share your latest recipe for absinthe, refine your salve, lotion, and cream preparations, compare notes on meads, oxymels, and acetracts, and then talk about crucible steel, astrologically informed spagyrics or wild foraging your next meal… here is the most uniquely diverse gathering of incredible human talent that you will see anywhere. Come and have your eyes opened to a wide world of wonder that you only dreamed possible.”

                                                             -Dr. Kenneth Proefrock

“A gathering of diverse teachers and skills, an invocation of ancient and resurfacing

traditions — a wild, wide and expansive invitation to re-imagine the worlds in which we all live.  At the core of this event: Change, find oneself, honor the diverse and healing being that you are, and seek out the transformation you alone can carry into this waiting world.”

                                   –Asia Suler

Once Upon a Time a connivance of maladies of the body, mind and spirit was seen to spread across the once verdant land, and time it was for its most inspired and caring peoples to arise and gather, time indeed to increase their knowledge, learn new skills, and together make a special magic!

Enjoy over 100 fresh, specialized and often unique topics for both advanced practitioners and newcomers to herbalism – covering evolving approaches to:

Medicinal Plants & Their Actions • Home Medicine Making & Formulas • Assessment & Treatments • Cannabis • Alchemy • Mushrooms • Entheogens • Botanical Libations • Leading Science & Folk Wisdom • Clinical Skills & Revered Traditions • Plant Identification • Aromatherapy & Botanical Perfumery • Making Artisanal Products • Launching an Herbal Enterprise • Healthful Foods & Creative Cuisine • Women’s Health • Free Clinics • Disaster Medicine • Botanical Art • Plant Lore & Magic • Emotional Healing • Creating Healthier Community ….& much, much more!

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“Monumental! The venue is perfect, the teachers the best in the world.  However, all of that awesomeness pales in comparison to the sense of community Kiva and Wolf have created.  Going to Plant Healer events is like coming home to a place that youdidn'tevenrealize you were nostalgic for.”

                                         –Thomas Easley

Join with plant-hearted kin in an enchanted sprouting of new ideas and ventures, connections and friendships –– a vastly diverse and widely dispersed clan of clinicians, activists, alchemists, artisans and home medicine makers, including those working outside the limits of officialdom, cliques and norms, and who hold close to those fellow edge dwellers and visionaries they sense are  their “people.”  It is for every impassioned natural healer of bodies, psyches and planet that we dedicate our events, and it is for you that we will be doing everything possible to produce yet another enraptured, info and inspiration filled Confluence!

“I saw misfits, star gazers and romancers of science. I saw plant gatherers, witches,

philosophers, and fairies. I saw childlike wisdom that every answer has infinite questions and there is magic in the trees and all that surrounds us. I saw the essence of beauty, defying description. I saw basket weavers, revolutionaries, healers and spirits. I saw love true and unfiltered. And I saw hope, vulnerable but without fear.”

                                    –Greg Alston

Reveling and Celebrating is an important element in Good Medicine –– with dance, laughter and frivolity essential to its restorative formula.  After long days filled with informative classes, we are recharged and rewarded with global tribal beats and dance floor celebration!

Dance your heart out Saturday eve til midnight, dressing up in your most personally expressive clothes and costumes for the annual Plants & Faeries Masquerade Ball featuring Plant Healer mystic DJ “Queen of Air.”

Grow your understanding of medicinal plants, new healing modalities, expanding consciousness and lifestyle.  Plant your roots in meaningful purpose and the living land.  Clarify your personal role in the fields of helping and healing.  Branch out into new areas of interest and need.  Blossom into wild wholeness and full fruition.  Spread seeds of purpose and joy for those who heed or follow.  Help to feed and form this confluence of Plant Healers and culture shifters, the lasting habitat of your becoming, your manifesting, and your fulfillment.

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