These Plant Healer events are constantly evolving, the range of class topics expanding 

and diversifying beyond bodily healing to creating purposed, pleasurable, and fulfilling lives.... such as: assessments, home medicine making, perfumery, cannabis, entheogens, 

teas, botanical cocktails, treating trauma and ptsd, home medicine making, wondrous cooking, yoga and healthy lifestyle, mythos and storytelling, adornment and celebration.  

Together we are doing the mighty crucial work of becoming our most authentic selves, heeding our calling, following our hearts, and helping to shift the culture from one of acrimony, imbalance, and dis-ease, to one of relationship and responsibility, healthy divergence, and downright delight!

With multiple simultaneous classes and activities in each of the many time slots, you 

will likely want to make a list prior to the Confluence of those which will best inspire, 

inform, excite, stretch, and propel you on your personal path. 

For information on the many Confluence Teachers, click here on the:

Teacher Bios Pages

Class titles and teachers are listed below as they are confirmed… 

and you can download the complete

Class Descriptions once they are compiled and available:

Class Descriptions PDF