2022 Good Medicine Confluence 

July 28th-31st – In-Person in Durango, Colorado

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Class Topics

Emilee Amara

    (Hands-On Workshop) De-Constructing Herbal Vinegars                     (2.5 hrs)

           Naturally Occurring Acids & Enzymes For The Face: Glycolic, Lactic & More         (2 hrs)

           Rubefacients For The Face:                                         (2 hrs)

                  Boosting Collagen Naturally With Cacao, Cinnamon, Paprika, Clay & Honey

Jory Barnes    

    Elemental Qi Gong                                        (1 hr.)

    Green Spirit Qi Gong                                        (1 hr.)        

Carol Batey-Prunty

    (Hands-On Demonstration) Creating Your Cannabis Kitchen Pantry – Part I             (1.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Demonstration) Creating Your Cannabis Kitchen Pantry – Part II          (1.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Demonstration) Cannabis For The Skin                          (1.5 hrs)

        & Bringing Products to The Market                                  

    Creating a Botanical Sanctuary & Selling Your Plants                      (1.5 hrs)

Katrina Blair

    (Hands-On Workshop) Making Gourmet Wild Food Recipes                     (1.5 hrs)

    Stewarding & Cultivating Osha:                                   (1.5 hrs)

        Valuing, Protecting, & Cultivating Our Beloved Herb Ally

    (Plant Walk #5) Wild Edible & Medicinal Plant Field Trip up Junction Creek Trail          (2.5 hrs)

Valerie Blankenship

    Returning to Our Roots: Rediscovering The Incredible Benefits of Fevers              (2 or 2.5 hrs)

    Nourishing Our Roots: Fermentation as a Means For Survival                  (2 or 2.5 hrs)

Stephanie Boucher

       Business as Medicine: Entrepreneurship as a Tool                               (2 hrs)

        For Personal & Collective Healing

       Ethical + Compliant Marketing: How to Sell Without Compromising               (1.5 hrs)

        Your Values or Getting Shut Down

Amy Branum

    The Healing Path From Abusive Relationships:                            (2 or 2.5 hrs)

        Herbs, Flower Essences & Useful Tools

           How To Assess Scientific Research:                                        (1.5 hrs)

                  Understanding & Interpretation For The Lay Herbalist

           Flower Essences For These Stressful Times:                                    (1.5 hrs)

                  Pandemic, Global Changes – We Could All Use Some Help!

Elliott Brinkley

    Deep Support for Immune Health                                   (2 hrs)

Theresa “Reese” Clark

    (Hands-On Workshop) Cannabis: Teas and Topicals                           (1.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) Medicinal Mushrooms: Teas and Topicals                    (1.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) Guyanese Bush Medicine                           (1.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) The Importance of Self Care                            (1.5 hrs) 

Courtney Cosgriff

    (Hands-On Workshop) Divine Inebriation:                                (1.5 hrs)

        Making Enhanced Mead & Honey Wines    

    Alchemy of The Hive:                                           (2 hrs)

        Medicinal & Ritual Uses - Bee Wax, Pollen, Propolis & Venom                            

    The Magical World of The Bees:                                       (1.5 hrs)

        Their Medicine & Mythology, & Our Sacred Relationship With Them        

Sean Croke

    River Plants, River Studies, River Alliance                             (2 hrs)

      How to Take Care of Our Precious Hearts:                                         (2 hrs)

        Herbal Support For The Cardiovascular System

    Herbal Harm Reduction For Ketamine/Dissociative Users                      (1.5 hrs) 

Kathryn Delaney

    Aromatherapy:                                               (2 or 2.5 hrs)

        Safety & Toxicology, Essential Oils & How to Use Them

       (Hands-On Workshop) How to Make & Use Hydrosols in Your Kitchen                    (2 or 2.5 hrs)

       (Hands-On Workshop) Let’s Make Lotion:                                       (2 or 2.5 hrs)

              How to Personalize Your Skin Care 

       The Language of Scent & Aromatics                                          (1.5 hrs)

Holly Dunbar

       Loving The Liver: Liver Function & Therapeutics Through a TCM Lens             (1.5 hrs)

    Healing Weeds: Revisiting These Humble Herbal Warriors                     (1.5 hrs)

    Exploring The Energetics of Essential Oils                             (1.5 or 2 hrs)

Ashley Elenbaas

    Keys to Effective Herbal Formulation                                  (2 hrs)

    Creating Organized Spaces as an Herbalist                                  (1.5 hrs)

    (Plant Walk & Experience #1) Hearing & Seeing Your Herbal Allies:                      (2.5 hrs)

        Mystic Plant Partnering Through Guided Meditation 

            Plant Walk & Drawing Exercise             

Amanda Furbee

    (Hands-On Demonstration) Botanical Cocktails                                (1.5 hrs)        

    (Hands-On Demonstration) Making Your Own CBD Products                         (2 hrs)

Lisa Ganora

    North American SuperFoods                                             (2 hrs)

        Personalities, Actions, Energetics, Constituents, Recipes & Products

    Covid Prevention, Therapeutics & Recovery                                    (2 hrs)

        How I Survived The Virus & Why I got Vaxxed Too    

    (Plant Walk #3) Organoleptics Plant Walk:                                      (2.5 hrs)

        How to Taste & Feel The Personality & Powers of an Herb                    

Amy Glasser

    Evoking Flora: Botanical Drawing & Watercolor Painting – Part I                           (2 hrs)

    Evoking Flora: Botanical Drawing & Watercolor Painting – Part II                           (2 hrs)

Shana Lipner Grover    

    Focus on The Genus Artemisia                                           (1.5 hrs)

    Demulcents: Subtle Superheroes of The Herbal World                               (1.5 hrs)

    The Anatomy of Fear:                                                 (2 or 2.5 hrs)

        Physiology of The Stress Response & How to Gain Awareness

Jesse Wolf Hardin

    The Wild Herbalist:                                                      (1.5 hrs)

        Connecting With The Natural World, Agency & Empowerment

    Your Healing Stories:                                                    (1.5 hrs)

        Personal Roles & Arcs, & The Art of Writing & Publishing About Herbs                        

Kiva Hardin    

    The Lady of the Wood:                                                    (1.5 or 2 hrs)

        Meilikki, Mycelia, & The Forest Within

Marija Helt    

    Poisonous Plants of The Rocky Mountains                                         (1.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Demonstration) Wild Mushroom Cocktails & Mocktails                            (1.5 hrs)

    (Plant Walk #4) Botanica & Fungi of The Southern Rockies                                                   (2.5 hrs)        

Dana Hutchinson

    Are Rising Health Conditions a Direct Result of Our Deficient Society?                          (2 or 2.5 hrs)

        Examining Nourishing Herbs, Anti-Inflammatory Supplementation, 

        & Spiritual Rituals that Increase Our Protective Shield

    Unlocking Qi Force: Energetic Source Points, Single Herb Allies,                                (2 hrs)    

        & Traditional Chinese Medicine Formulas For Each Birth Time Meridian        

Dr. Orna Izakson

    Mental Health Materia Medica: Mechanisms & Magic                                   (2 hrs)            Nature, The Best Healer: Vitamin N Science &Sperience                                 (2 hrs)

    (Hands-On Demonstration) Play With Your Food:                                     (1.5 hrs)

        The Salad Beautification Project

Julie James

    PCOS: Causes, Complications, & Endocrine Care                                     (1.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Playshop) Smoking Herbs Other Than Those Two                             (2 hrs) 

    (Hands-On Playshop) Making Electuaries                                         (2 hrs)

Warren Kistenbroker

    (Hands-On Demonstration) Enhancing Bioavailability of Plants                                (2 or 2.5 hrs)

        Through Spagyric Preparation

    (Hands-On Demonstration) Herbal Pharmacology                                     (2 or 2.5 hrs)

        Making Herbal Extracts Into Capsules                           

    (Hands-On Workshop) Magic Mushrooms                                                                                             (2 or 2.5 hrs)

        Psilocybin Extraction Methods & Microdosing

    (Hands-On Demonstration) Distillation of Honey Spirits                                 (2 or 2.5 hrs)

        Fermentation & Distillation Techniques    

Bob Linde

           Positive & Negative Herb & Drug Interactions                              (2.5 hrs - or two 1.5 hrs)

             Herbal Medicine of the Bahamas & Caribbean                                         (2 hrs)

             Tongue Diagnosis for the Western Herbalist                                               (1.5 hrs)            

Rachel Lord

    When In Doubt, Heal The Gut: Vital Information For Herbalists                             (1.5 or 2 hrs)

    Rise, Fall & Rebirth of The Wise Woman Way: The Exciting History of Herbalism                    (2 hrs)

Linda Moritz

    Morning Yoga Sessions                                         (1 hr)

    Dynamic Stretch Session                                         (1 hr)

Seán Pádraig O’Donoghue

    Psilocybin: An Ecological Empathogen                                (2 or 2.5 hrs)

    A New England Ogham                                        (2 or 2.5 hrs)

    Silver Branch Perception: Herbal Medicine & The Otherworld                                      (2 or 2.5 hrs)

Lauren Peterson

    (Hands-On Workshop) Sublime Syrups: How & Why We Make Herbal Syrups,               (2 hrs)

        & How to Make Them Extra Delicious 

    (Hands-On Workshop) Beyond Salves: Alternative Options                           (2 hrs)

        For Working With Herbal Infused Oils, Making Lotion Bars & Face Oil

    (Hands-On Workshop) Botanical Beauty: A Brief History of Cyanotype                   (2 hrs)

        Photographs of Botanicals, With Hands-On Cyanotype Print Making                   

Kenneth Proefrock

    Botanical Medicine & The Epigenetics of RNA Translation                        (2 or 2.5 hrs)

    Naturopathic Considerations in The Treatment of NeurologicImpairment                (2 or 2.5 hrs)

    Wildcrafted Metal                                            (2 hrs)

Laurie Quesinberry

    Little People of The Mountain: The Secret Life of Ginseng                                    (1.5 hrs)

    Spirit To Spirit: Plants & People                                                                                    (1.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) Appalachian Medicine Dolls                                        (1.5 hrs)

Lori Roop    

    Psilocybin Microdosing:                                         (2 or 2.5 hrs)

        A Deep Dive Into The Whys, Dosages, Legalities & Latest Research

    (Shared Ritual & Hands-on Workshop) Lori’s Ritual Facial: Oil Cleansing Ceremony                      (2.5 hrs)

        & Learning The Building Blocks For Creating Your Own Facial Product Line    

Dara Saville

    The Ecology of Herbal Medicine                                        (2 hrs)

    Anthropocene Apothecary:                                             (2 hrs)

        Native Medicinal Plants That May Proliferate With Disturbance Events

    (Plant Walk #2) Fort Lewis Campus Botanica                                    (2.5 hrs)

Jess Starwood

    (Hands-On Workshop) Among the Oaks:                                          (1.5 or 2 hrs)

        The Ancient (& Modern) Connection Between Acorns & People 

    (Hands-On Workshop) The Forest Table & Apothecary:                                  (2 or 2.5 hrs) 

        Mushroom & Plant Foraging as a Wholistic Lifestyle Practice 

    (Hands-On Workshop) Mushrooms for Dessert:                                          (1.5 hrs) 

        Unusual Applications for Fungi in Sweet Recipes

    (Hands-On Workshop) Amanita Muscaria:                                              (2 hrs) 

        Magical, Medicinal & Culinary Uses of This Sacred Mushroom

Lisa Valantine    

    (Hands-On Workshop) Making Healthful Smoothies                                     (1.5 or 2 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) The Art of Bathing: Creating Herbal Bath Products                             (1.5 hrs)

Kate Viers

    The Art of Natural Perfumery:                                         (1.5 hrs)

        Part I - Building a Scent, Creating Its Story

    The Art of Natural Perfumery:                                        (1.5 hrs)

        Part II - Combining Perfume Notes For Your Scent-ual Blend

    Speaking With Plants:                                         (1.5 or 2 hrs)

        Tapping Into Plant Wisdom Through Senses & Intuition