These Plant Healer events are constantly evolving, the range of class topics expanding 

and diversifying beyond bodily healing to creating purposed, pleasurable, and fulfilling lives.... such as: assessments, home medicine making, perfumery, cannabis, entheogens,  teas, botanical cocktails, treating trauma and ptsd, home medicine making, wondrous cooking, yoga and healthy lifestyle, mythos and storytelling, adornment and celebration.  

Together we are doing the mighty crucial work of becoming our most authentic selves, heeding our calling, following our hearts, and helping to shift the culture from one of acrimony, imbalance, and dis-ease, to one of relationship and responsibility, healthy divergence, and downright delight!

With multiple simultaneous classes and activities in each of the many time slots, you 

will likely want to make a list prior to the Confluence of those which will best inspire, 

inform, excite, stretch, and propel you on your personal path. 

For information on the many Confluence Teachers, click here on the:

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Class titles and teachers are listed below as they are confirmed… 

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Class Descriptions once they are compiled and available:

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2023 Good Medicine Confluence Classes

Laura Adrian

    Belonging: Tapping Into Support & Wisdom From The Natural World (1.5 hrs)

    Emotional Wisdom: How The Earth Can Support Us in Understanding & Relating to Emotions (1.5 hrs)

Abrah Arneson

    The Herstory of Contraception & Plants (1.5 or 2 hrs)

    The Medicine of Harmony: Shifting Away From The Perspective of “Anti” (1.5 or 2 hrs)

    The Liver – To Live! (1.5 or 2 hrs)

Phoenix Aurelius

    Human Multi-Dimensional Anatomy: Diagramming The Physio-Energetic Composition of The Human Organism (2 hrs)    

    Intrinsic Data Fields: Using Informational Fields for Health, Wellness, and Consciousness (2.5 hrs)

    Understanding Spagyric Pharmacopoeia: How to Properly Use Herbal Spagyric Preparations (2 hrs)

    Sublimating Herbal Ice: The Astounding Potentials of Freeze Drying Technology in Spagyric & Herbal Medicines(1.5 hrs)

Jory Barnes

    (Pre-Breakfast Workout) Qi Gong 

Carol Batey

    (Hands-On Workshop) Hemp & Troubled Skin: Making Cannabis Skin Care Products(2.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) Sugar & Spice With Hemp: Using Cannabis Seasonings(2 or 2.5 hrs)

Jules Benefico    

    Plant Allies for Shadow Work: Herbalism For Inner Alchemy (1.5 or 2 hrs)

    Herbs For Your Zodiac Sign: Medical Astrology For Beginners (1.5 hrs)    

Valerie Blankenship

    (Hands-On Workshop) Comfrey: Upside Down & Inside Out

    (Hands-On Workshop) Nourishing Our Roots: Fermentation as a Means of Physical Empowerment & Vitality (2 or 2.5 hrs)    

Stephanie Boucher

    Business as Medicine: Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Personal and Collective Healing (1.5 hrs)

    Ethical + Compliant Marketing: How to Sell Without Compromising Your Values or Getting Shut Down (1.5 hrs)

Eleanor Bramwell  

    Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: Eco-Awakenings, Mystical Experiences, & Profound Personal Healing (1.5 hrs)

    Epigenetics: A Bridge Between Science & Spirit (2 or 2.5 hrs)

    Introduction to Trauma: Polyvagal Theory & The Autonomic Nervous System (1.5 hrs)

Amy Branum

    Calming The Spirit: Herbs & Practices For Relief From Anxiety, Stress & Trauma (1.5 hrs)

    Plant Identification: The Magic & Erotic Life of TheMicro-World of Plants (2 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) The Joysof Oiling The Body: Benefits, Applications & Formulations of Body Oils (2 hrs)

Courtney Cosgriff

    Nature’s Alchemists: An Ode to The Honeybees & Medicine of The Hive (2 or 2.5 hrs)

    The Everlasting Medicines of The Evergreens (2 or 2.5 hrs)

Kathryn Delaney

    (Hands-On Workshop) Finding Your Aromatic Allies Through Olfactory Sense (2.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) Discover the Language of Energetics in Herbal Medicine: Proving With Herbs & Teas(2 or 2.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) Honey Pharmacy: Making Honey Pills & Pastes as an Alternative to Tinctures (2 or 2.5 hrs)

Holly Dunbar    

    Essential Oil Chemistry: The Foundation of Aromatherapy

    (Hands-On Workshop) Exploring Essential Oil Chemotypes

    The Role of The Kidneys Through a TCM Lens

Ashley Elenbaas

   (Hands-On Workshop) Keys to Effective Herbal Formulation (2 hrs)

   Plant Spotlight: Monarda Fistulosa/ Bee Balm (1.5 hrs)

   (Plant Walk) Mystic Plant Partnering Through Guided Meditation, Plant Walk & Art (2.5 hrs)

Latosha Falomi-Se

    (Hands-On Workshop) Healing With Nature (1.5 or 2 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) Healing Herbs of Africa (2 or 2.5 hrs)

Amanda Furbee

    (Hands-On Workshop) CBD: Making Herbal Products With Medicinal Cannabinoids

Amy Glasser    

    (Hands-On Workshop) pending

    (Hands-On Workshop) pending

Dr. Amber Golshani

    (Hands-On Workshop) Making Your Own Medicine 101 (2 or 2.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) Botanica Erotica: A Trip Through The Tantalizing World of Herbal Aphrodisiacs (1.5 or 2 hrs)

Shana Lipner Grover

   A Tale of Two Tummies: A Clinical Digestive Discussion (1.5 hrs)

   The Botany of Apiaceae: Dinner, Desert or Death (1.5 hrs) 

Inga Winter Hardin

    Daughter of The Wind: Folklore & Mythology of Anemone(1.5 hrs)

Kiva Rosethorn Hardin


Jesse Wolf Hardin    


Tammi Hartung

    Cattail Moonshine & Milkweed Medicine: How We’ve Used Plants in The Past, Present, & Into The Future (1.5 hrs)

    Growing Southwestern & Rocky Mountain Native Medicinal Plants: Propagation to Garden Habitat (1.5 hrs)  

Marija Helt                                                                                                 

    How To Critically Evaluate & Translate Botanical Research (1.5 hrs)

    CrazyAbout Conks: Four Types Of Preparation & What To Do With Them (2 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) Mushroom Microscopy: Taking a Closer Look (1.5 hrs)

Jacquie Hill

    Healing Traditions of the North(1.5 hrs)

    Junipers Medicine: Stories & Preparations(1.5 hrs)             

Dana Hutchinson

    The Autoimmune Epidemic: Herbal Support & Case Study Analysis For Autoimmune (2 or 2.5 hrs)

    Natural Biohacking: Exposure Mitigation, Bioactive Plant Compounds, & Lifestyle Therapeutics to Enhance Cellular Function(1.5 hrs)

    Foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine: 3 Treasures, Zang Fu Organ Theory, Connection to “Dao," & 8 Brocades Movement (1.5 hrs)                 

Jamee Jory 

    (Hands-On Workshop) Sacred Smoke: The Art of Making Smoking & Incense Blends(1.5 hrs)

Logan Keister

    Herbal Formulation Strategies (2 hrs)

    Medicinal Mushrooms of The Mountainous West: Therapeutics, Preparations, Mycoforestry &  Fungal Ecology (2.5 hrs)

    Herbal Allies for Entheogenic Fungi: Herbs That Harmonize With Psilocybin (2 hrs)

    Plants & Planets: Introduction to Medical Astrology(1.5 hrs)

Warren Kistenbroker    

   (Hands-On Workshop) Understanding Alkaloids: Extraction and Polarity from the Perspective of Alchemy (2 hrs)

   Spagyric Alchemy & Chemical Reactions: Salts, Esters, Alkaloids & Acids (2 hrs)

   Psychedelic Phytochemistry: MAOIs & Their Role In Consciousness (2 hrs)

   (Hands-On Workshop) Botanical Bitters: Spagyric Tinctures & Cocktail Making (1.5 hrs)

Tiffany Little

    (Hands-On Workshop) Wormwood: History, Use & Absinthe Through The Years (2 or 2.5 hrs)

    Endocannabanoids & The Autoimmune System (1.5 hrs)

Muva Mystick    

    The Art of Intimacy, Sex & STDs (2.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) Santeria Practices, Dancing & Disciplines (2 or 2.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) Jamaican Herbs & Spices: Making & Cooking With Island Sauces (1.5 or 2 hrs)    

    TENTATIVE:  Intuitive Eating for Spiritual Health (1.5 hrs)    

Seán O’Donoghue     

    After The Disaster: Plant Allies & Disruption(1.5 or 2 hrs)

    Long Covid & The Brain(2.5 hrs)

    Seeing Through The Smoke: Plants & Smoke Divination(1.5 hrs)

    Rerooting Consciousness (2 or 2.5 hrs)

Manda Pendleton

    Aphrodisiaca!: Herbal/Nutritional/Energetic Enhanced Sensuality (1.5 or 2 hrs)

    Cannabis As Medicine: Embracing This Historical Green Powerhouse (1.5 or 2.5 hrs)

    (Hands-On Workshop) Herbal Fermentation: Making Kombucha, Sauerkraut & More

    (Sunday Plant Walk) Edible & Medicinal Plant Romp: Connecting Deeply With Our Green Allies (2 hrs)

Julianne Peterson

    Language of The Elements: The Backbone of Ayurveda (1.5 hrs)

    Perimenopause & Menopause: A Wise Womens Best Medicine (1.5 hrs)

    Essential Ayurvedic Remedies For Longevity (1.5 hrs)    

Lauren Peterson    

    Yauhtli/Perícon/Tagetes/Mexican Mint Marigold

    (Hands-On Workshop) Making & Using Herbal Powders

    (Hands-On Workshop) The Herbalist Bartender: Making Botanical Cocktails

Kenneth Proefrock    

    (Friday Evening Talk) The Spirit, Ethics, Mission & Magic of Natural Healing: Our History & What’s to Come (1.5-2 hrs)        

    Vitalism, Vampires, Homeopathy & Botanical Medicine (2 or 2.5 hrs)    

    Tempting Fate: Tropane Alkaloids From The History of Pharmacy to The Modern Practice of Botanical Medicine (2 or 2.5 hrs)

    NaturopathicApproaches to the Treatment of Neurologic Trauma: Traumatic Brain Injury Case Studies (2 hrs)

Ash Ritter

    One Drop: An Animist’s Take on Herbal & Fungal Compounding (1.5 hrs)

    Balm’s & Broomsticks: European Entheogenic Plants & Fungi (2 hrs)                          

Dara Saville

    Dryland Resinous Plants (1.5 or 2 hrs)    

    Medicinal Plant Knowledge For Living Through Environmental Change (1.5 or 2 hrs)    

    (Plant Walk) Forest Plant Walk (2 or 2.5 hrs)

Heather Shelton

    Cannabis in The Care of Cancer Clients (2 or 2.5 hrs)

    Conscious Cannabis (1.5 hrs)

    Death Positivity & Green Burials (1.5 hrs)    

Atava Garcia Swiecicki

    Reconnecting With Ancestral Plant Medicine Practices (1.5 hrs)

    The Art & Practice of Curanderismo (2 or 2.5 hrs)

Erin Vanhee

   Folk Medicine Tincture Making (1.5 or 2 hrs)

   Herbs For Pain: An Advanced Exploration of Botanical Treatments (2 or 2.5 hrs)

Pallas Vesta

    Salvia Divinorum: The Diviner’s Sage (1.5 hrs)

    Indigenous Herbs in Ceremony: An Overview of Spiritual Healing & Ritual Using Plants (1.5 or 2 hrs)

   (Hands-On Workshop) The Sacred Medicine Bag: How to Make & Use (1.5 or 2 hrs)

Helena Wu

    Pregnancy Herbal Well-Care (1.5 or 2 hrs)

    Postpartum: Body, Mind & Spirit (2 or 2.5 hrs)

Samantha Zipporah

    Oxytocin & The Womb Continuum: Bleeding, Cumming, & Courting the Veil (2 or 2.5 hrs)

    Abortion Options: Anatomy, Physiology & Herbs (2 or 2.5 hrs)