2021 Class Topics


• Medicine Making, Extraction Methods, Tinctures, Decoctions, Vinegars, Oxymels, Topical Balms

• The Art of Herbalism & Creating Artisanal Herbal Products

• Covid-19, Papiloma Virus, & Viral Infection

• Herbal Support in Difficult Times, Herbal Treatments For Despair

• Launching Pop-Up Clinics For Stressed Communities

• Herbal First-Aid

` • How to Talk to Clients About The Herbs They Need

• Mead Making, Botanicals & Beer Brewing, Herbal Cocktails

• Cannabis Medicine, Tinctures, Topicals & Foods

• Cannabis Endophytes

• Cannabinoids, Terpines & Flavanoids

• Peyote, Otzi, & Agave

• Mushroom Medicine, Edibles & Folklore

• Aphrodisiacs & Tantric Practice

• Electuaries: Sweet Honey Medicine

• Herbal Candy, Jellies, Shrubs, & Other Delights

• Creating Herbal Chocolates

• Fine Cooking, Methods & Nutrition

• The Chemistry of Flavors & Fragrances

• Extracting Aromatics, & Notes and Accords in Natural Perfumery

• Phytochemistry & Plant Constituents

• Tonics For Well Being & Healthy Aging

• LGBTQ Health, & Herbal Transition For Transgender Women

• Ancient Guyanese Herbal Remedies

• Ayurvedic Energetics & Applications

• How-To Make Natural Hair, Bath & Body Products

• Ceremonies For New Mothers, & Herbs For Children

• Understanding Plants Through Physical Senses & Intuition

• Medicinal Trees & Shrubs

• Mythology, Faery Tales, Plant Folklore, & Learning Folk Dance

• Tribal Belly Dance, Yoga, & Qi Gong Instruction Sessions


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