Hedgewise Wisdom & Practical Skills

for an Empowered, Vitally Effective & Delight-Filled Herbalism

Welcome to the hedgewise world of the Plant Healer, and to the medicine of healing and learning that it offers. We each enter on our own personal herb-lined path, whether as excited new students or ever-advancing teachers and practitioners, and with our individual interests and intentions – from making herbal preparations at home to launching an herbal clinic or shop, and from treating physical maladies to helping heal emotional and cultural wounds. This is the world where we come together in shared purpose, in hands-on experiencing, plant-inspired exploration and irrepressible joy. And it is here we come to the heart of nature’s wisdom and the edge of the known, to a natural melding of science and magic, of healthful lifestyle and the healing arts, of honored folk traditions and the co-creation of a new and vital paradigm.

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