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Prices for the 2014 HerbFolk Gathering

New Lower Prices to encourage more low-income participants

Registration includes the 3 to 5 hours long Intensives that some conferences charge separately for, as well as a free Conference Book, downloadable Class Notes & Essays Book, and Gift Bag. Contact Mormon Lake directly if you choose to reserve lodging.

Limited Time Special, tickets purchased before Jan 1st, 2014: $255

Adult tickets purchased before July 1, 2013: $275

Adult tickets purchased after July 1, 2013: $295

Adult tickets purchased at the event: $325

Friday Day Pass (includes Masquerade Ball): $165

Saturday Day Pass (includes Dance Concert) $165

Sunday Day Pass $65

Youth 8 to 17 $55 purchased anytime

Age 7 & Under Free, no registration required

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Day Passes

Day Passes are for folks who due to their job schedules or other reasons are unable to attend more than 1 or 2 days of classes. This is our way of making it possible for folks outside of the core herbal community – and those living within within driving distance of the site – to attend and benefit. Day Passes are purchased in advance or on-site at the Registration Table, with attendees being given a special name tag to wear.


Group & School Discounts

For groups of six adults or more, each person receives 10% of the price of their ticket. Please note that this discount applies only to the price of the actual HerbFolk Gathering registration ticket. To receive the group discount please email:


We don’t give student discounts per se, since we hopefully all continue to be lifelong students of this craft. However, in response to the many requests, the director of any herbal school can write and ask for a special School Discount of 20% off for 6 or more currently enrolled students. Email:



Work Trade

We need a limited number of hard working, happy-to-help Assistants on site each year, with Thursdays being the day of greatest need. Helpers are generally selected from the many applications received weeks or months beforehand, and receive either a full or half price ticket in exchange for their hours. If interested, write us with the words “Work Trade” in the subject line: PlantHealer@PlantHealer.org



The vast majority of folks who attend the Herbal Resurgence conferences are low income, and have a difficult time affording to come. Unfortunately, we cannot produce this important event without this support of the community, the income from ticket sales needed to spread to others. There nonetheless remain a segment who simply can’t get up the money no matter how hard they try, who would be most grateful for a chance to attend. The Herbal Resurgence Scholarship Program provides free registration each year to a small number of chosen applicants, from among the most disadvantaged, deserving and enthused.

We welcome businesses and individuals to contribute funds to this important program, and we will match any contribution made dollar for dollar. If you or your business would like to contribute to such a program – either credited or anonymous as you prefer – please write us with the words “Scholarship” in the subject line: PlantHealer@PlantHealer.org

Paid registrants who discover they can’t attend for any reason, can also choose to support someone else’s quest by contributing their ticket to this Scholarship program rather than accepting a refund.


Ticket Refund Policy

If you bought a ticket and then found out you can’t attend for some reason, you have the option to:

1. Donate your ticket to a worthy and grateful applicant to our Scholarship program, with you informed of who you end up sponsoring, and them told about your gift if you so desire.

2. Transfer your ticket to the next annual event, so that you’re already paid in full even if prices were to increase... or

3. Receive a refund anytime prior to the cutoff date August 15th, minus the $75 non-refundable deposit and $7.00 ticket processing fee included in the Adult ticket price.

Again, please: No cash Refunds whatsoever can be issued after August 15th, regardless of reasons.

That said, even after August 15th you would still have the option of either applying your ticket to the following year, or sponsoring a grateful Scholarship student.


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