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MedicineManStoryteller12014 Theme:

The Enchanted Forest

Sept 18-21st 2014


Held near the Grand Canyon in the beautiful Pine Forests of Northern Arizona, at Mormon Lake

“Resurrecting the spirit of Western Herbalism!“ -Paul Bergner




foxringtailravenAwesome forested Southwestern Site! • Longer Classes: 2 to 5 hours-long! • Topics Like Nowhere Else!

Dance Concert • Plants & Faeries Masquerade Ball • 4 or more Native Plant Walks • Kid & Teen Workshops • Log Cabins & Camping


2014 Teachers:

David Hoffman • Matthew Wood  • Guido Masé • Sean Donahue • Chuck Garcia • Phyllis Hogan • Kiva Rose • Jim McDonald • Kiki Geary • Merihelen Nuñez • Kristi Shapla • Asia Suler • Irina Adam • Rebecca Altman • Shana Lipner Grover • Elaine Sheff • Stephany Hoffelt • Laura Ash • Roman Shapla • Jesse Wolf Hardin


You’re all invited back to what will be Plant Healer’s 5th Annual international conference and celebration, held once again at Mormon Lake in the plant-lush Coconino Forest, in the indisputably enchanted Southwest. More of a reunion, tribal gathering and adventurous furthering of ideas than a regular conference, coming to a Plant Healer event is like coming home!


2014 HerbFolk Theme

MormonLakeTrailposterTraditions In Western Herbalism, Medicine Of The People, the Herbal Resurgence – we can’t quit changing, experimenting and adapting, no way! But rather than changing our event name with every transition, we expect to stick with “HerbFolk Gathering” for future Plant Healer conferences and celebrations... and to include a changing subtitle that reflects these events’ continuing evolution.

“The Enchanted Forest” is the theme for ’14, a folkloric gathering expected to be utterly magical in the sense of a mysterious as well as purposeful natural world that informs and inspires, as well as helps to heal our wounds. Some of the most important ways that it is communicated are through awakened physical senses, through its mythic dimensions and well told stories.


Longer Classes, Many Intensives!

We’ve heard again and again from event attendees how much they wish their favorite classes could have been longer, presenting even more information, going deeper into the topics that they are most interested in. Some events are designed without a single class over 1.5 hours in length, and as one woman recently wrote us: “It’s exciting when different herbal conferences have a ton of classes to choose from, but it becomes hard for me to remember what I’ve learned when we go through them so fast, one after the other.”

For this reason, we’ve decided that we’re going to give those of you who have been wanting longer classes with greater depth exactly what you’ve been asking for. At HerbFolk 2014 there will be no classes under 2 hours, and the majority will be intensives lasting from 3 hours to a full 5 hours in length!



Get Hands-On Experience

Both the Human and plant relationship and the practical skills for an effective herbal practice need to be experienced rather than just pondered or studied. For this reason, all or most of the 2014 HerbFolk classes will include audience involvement such as role playing, hands-on exercises, or other experiential opportunities and interaction.


An Herbal Event For People Who Don’t Necessarily Like Conferences!

DSCF4477HerbFolk Gathering is more of cultural experience than what we normally think of as a symposium or “conference” – providing a venue so wild and dynamic, inclusive and unconventional, in depth and personal –that even the independents, misfits and outliers of the herbal world feel recognized and valued, included and welcomed. Not just providing information, but seeding community & action. We’re devoted to inspiring a resurgence in the connections and alliances that our participants make, new herbal practices and free clinics, resistance to injustice, gardens planted and callings heeded

I encountered a breathtaking resonance in every second! You foster such a profoundly deep community, I'm honored to be included. –Kiki, PoppySwap.com


Ancient Traditions & New Frontiers

From the exploration of plant folklore and neglected archaic traditions to the very frontiers of New Science and holistic healing, HerbFolk is a journey beyond the known and expected. The words “cutting edge” are used to the point of cliche these days, but it is certainly outside the walls of convention, at the far leading edge, where this hearty and weedy resurgence grows.


Friday Masquerade Ball, Saturday Night Dance Concert, & Healer’s Market Hangout

HerbalResurgenceFiddlerThere is nothing like an evening of entertainment, live music or dance after a full day of classes, with new acts every year. And the “Town Hall” at Mormon Lake features not only our Registration tables, but also our Healer’s Market, where you can peruse quality herbal products, speak to the directors of herbal schools, and meet and greet friends old and new. Thursday night is Tribal Tea Time, Friday featured the Plants & Faeries Masquerade Ball and social hours, and Saturday will be our annual dance concert.


Southwestern Location

Beautiful Mormon Lake is the perfect Western location for Plant Healer events, a reasonable drive from an airport, in a wild natural place with nature trails close by. There are sufficient number of buildings and shelters for classes, as well as places in the woods where we’re welcome to teach. Its cabins are important for those needing them, and so is the free camping on national forest land for folks who prefer it or lack the money to pay for lodging. The facilities are comfortable yet rustic and earthy, with affordable and healthy food.


We’ll Meet You There!

We welcome you to become participants in this great learning exchange, contributing in your individual way to this alliance of empowered practitioners, healing self, others and earth – clinical practitioners and impassioned students of every age, ethnicity and gender, kitchen herbalists, street medics and wildcrafters alike – all vital members of this plant-inspired tribe.

For even more information on the HerbFolk Gathering, you can download our HerbFolk PDF!

"Another amazing event! All the classes I took were incredible as well and the location was great, and Saturday night may have been one of the funnest nights of my life. I can't believe I have to wait another year to go again!"

–Rosalee de la Foret

"cThe best damn herbal conference I have attended EVER! Hands down the absolute best. Thank you thank you thank you Kiva Ringtail Rose & Wolf again for a life changing event." 

–Charles “Doc” Garcia

“The most amazing event ever!” -Juliet Blankespoor

 “An outstanding herbal conference, creating a network across the country that unites us all in this grassroots movement... helping to heal the world in our small and great ways.” –Rosemary Gladstar 

 “Best weekend ever!” –Rebecca Altman


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Trail Map: Navigating This Site

Everything you might want to know about this exciting event can be found on the clearly marked trails of this web forest. You might wish to begin your journey with the HerbFolk Site page, since place, the land and proximity to nature are such a distinguishing feature of all Plant Healer events. You can click here to read about the Coconino Forest ecosystem, the region’s rich Plant Diversity, and Mormon Lake’s own Old West History.

Click on the following links for enticing Class Descriptions and Teacher Bios. Each August we publish here a detailed Class Schedule. And descriptions of the Plants & Faeries Masquerade Ball and each year’s HerbFolk dance band will be found on the Concerts & Entertainment page as our musicians are confirmed.

For Ticket Prices go to the Registration & Costs page, which also lists special youth discounts to encourage the participation of children and teens.

On-site lodging and meals are handled directly by Mormon Lake Lodge, not by HerbFolk/Plant Healer, and details on their available cabins, camping and delicious meals can be had by navigating to the Lodging & Food page. As it gets close to Gathering time, you’ll likely also want to take a look at What To Bring and avail yourself of the handy Directions To Mormon Lake. In mid-Summer we also open up the RideShare Forum, where you can network and seek out rides or riders.

Click on the Become a Sponsor/Vendor page if you’re a business, school or individual interested in an HerbFolk Gathering Sponsorship... since most contributing levels earn you free registration, extensive promotion and a vendor or information table in the Healer’s Market on site! Please click here to find out what to do to help us Spread The Word, including downloading a Resurgence graphic to link for your website... and treat yourself to some HerbFolk hoodies, t-shirts and bags as well as books for herbalists at our Plant Healer Bookstore & Gallery page.

If you have any questions, please go first to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page for additional information, and then if you’re sure you can’t find the information you’re looking for there, turn to the Contact Us page. Write us directly if you’d like to request a Teacher Application for this or future years.

“Amazing and wonderful! I’ll be there supporting you, for as long as there is an HerbFolk conference...” -Phyllis Hogan


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“I want you to know how strongly I believe in the timely and essential nature of Herbal Resurgence, truly unlike anything I've ever experienced in a conference setting. If you can only make it to one herb conference next year, this should be the one! Profound, inspiring, multi-cultural, grass roots, and SO MUCH FUN!! We'll see you there. . . ."

-Julie, Humboldt Herbals


HerbFolk Gathering! – Septembers in the wild Coconinos!




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