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Announcing Our 2016 TWHC Teachers & Classes:


Paul Bergner • Guido Masé • Kiva Rose • Jim McDonald • Sean Donahue • Thomas Easley • Phyllis Hogan • 7Song • Dare Saville • Larken Bunce • Shana Lipner Grover • Julie James • Asia Suler • Julie Caldwell • Rebecca Altman • John Slattery • Jen Stovall • Janet Kent • Emily Han • Ramona Rubin • Alanna Whitney • Dave Meesters • Kate Clearlight • Betsy Costilo • Kirsten Hale • Maria Noel Groves • Stephany Hoffelt • Jesse Wolf Hardin ...and more



Full Class Descriptions will follow soon, but here for now is a mostly complete list of Class Titles:




Plant Identification 3 hrs.

Wildcrafting: Skills & Tales From The Field 1.5 hrs

Herbal First Aid: Setting Up & Working in an Outdoor First Aid Station 1.5 hrs

Herbs For Pain & Trauma 1.5 hrs


Rebecca Altman:

Potions: A Plant Combination Workshop 3 hrs

(With Kate Clearlight) All Up In Your Business: Starting & Maintaining a Defining Herbal Products Venture 1.5 hrs


Paul Bergner:

The Mosaic of Evidence: Herban Legends & Critical Thinking in Medical Herbalism 3 hrs

Getting The Story Right: Interview Skills For Intakes & Follow-Ups 1.5 hrs

The Art of The Follow Up: How to Learn From The Experience of Your Patients, Students, Family, & Friends 1.5hrs


Larken Bunce

The Restoration of Truth and Beauty: Stress, Trauma and Building Resilience 3 hrs

Ride the Wind and Play With Fire: Deepening Relationship With Lavender & Rose 1.5 hrs

Angelica: Communion Between Earth & Sky 1.5 hrs


Julie Caldwell:

Building Your Bioregional Apothecary: Using Plants Near & Dear To You – With Examples From Redwood Country 1.5


Kate Clearlight:

(With Rebecca Altman) All Up In Your Business: Starting & Maintaining a Defining Herbal Products Venture 1.5 hrs


Betsy Costilo:

Burdock 1.5 hrs


Sean Donahue:

(With Kirsten Hale) Herbs & Ancestors 3 hrs

That’s Not a Nervine, Is It? 1.5 hrs

to be announced 1.5 hrs


Thomas Easley:

Functional Blood Work Interpretation 3 hrs

The Gut: Why You Should Know as Much About it as Humanly Possible 1.5 hrs

Basic Inflammation Protocol 1.5 hrs


Shana Lipner Grover:

Medicinal Uses For Culinary Herbs 3 hrs

Yucca 1.5 hrs


Maria Noël Groves:

Done In a Day: Advanced Medicine Making for the Time-Crunched Herbalist 3hrs


Kirsten Hale:

(With Sean Donahue) Herbs & Ancestors 3 hrs


Emily Han:

Herbal Bitters: Resurrecting the Forgotten Flavor 1.5 hrs

Drink Your Medicine 3 hrs


Jesse Wolf Hardin:

The Healing Terrain 1.5 hrs


Kiva Rose Hardin:

Canyons of the Otherworld: 3 hrs


Phyllis Hogan:

Plant Ceremony & Walk 1.5 hrs


Stephany Hoffelt:

Neurotransmitters: Mediators of the Mind Body Connection 3 hrs


Julie James:

Herbal Care for Post-Abortion & Post-Miscarriage Support 1.5 hrs

Caring For Ourselves: Building Inner Resources for Herbalists MAYBE


Janet Kent:

Herbalism in an Age of Mass Extinction 1.5


Guido Masé:

to be announced 3 hrs

to be announced 1.5hrs

to be announced 1.5hrs


Jim McDonald:

Adaptogens: Herbs For Climbing The Endless Cord 3 hrs

Infused in Feeling: The Phlegmatic Temperament 1.5 hrs

Aromatic Allies 1.5hrs

Weed Walk 1.5 hrs


Dave Meesters:

Sun Medicine, Moon Medicine 1.5 hrs


William Morris:

Pulse Diagnosis For The Herbal Clinician 1.5 hrs


Ramona Rubin:

to be announced 1.5hrs

to be announced 1.5hrs


Dara Saville:

Herbal Activism: Conservation & Restoration 3 hrs

Ecological Herbalism 1.5 hrs


Jen Stovall:

Working With Addiction 1.5 hrs


John Slattery:

to be announced 1.5 hrs

(with Sheri Hupfer) Aspen & Pulsatilla 1.5 hrs

to be announced 1.5 hrs


Asia Suler:

A Gathering of Sky Islands 1.5 hrs

Lyme Disease: Illness as Teacher 1.5 hrs


Alanna Whitney:

Trans Herbs 1.5 hrs

Wounded Healer 1.5 hrs


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